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This particular piece really did turn the light on for me as far as this particular subject goes.

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“The notion that you have a seal of approval just because you’re not a criminal — that you walk into a gun store and you’re ready for game day — is ridiculous,” said David Chipman, a former SWAT team member with the Bureau of .

The article entire argument is a No True Scotsman Fallacy. The reality is, there are instances were people with a gun have frozen when faced with violence. Give me the stats and lets talk about it. They to suffer all the ill-effects of being shot at. That is called poisoning the well. Sometimes the bad guy is stopped without killing him.

Many of those good guys with guns are the literally thousands of combat veterans, thousands more retired and former law enforcement officers, untold numbers of men and women who grew up the sons and daughters of veterans and law enforcement officers, and the millions more who grew up in the country learning the use of firearms at an early age.

Say a good guy with a car sees a bad guy with a car pass a stopped school bus illegally….. Do you also zip around the bus full of kids helter skelter-like and crash into the bad car with your good car….

That would be fair to both sides of this debate….. Just like the hoops you have to jump thru for the privilege of owning a motor vehicle…or a boat…. Trained is always better then untrained. However, I rather have a concealed carry holder around then nothing at all. The author of this article failed to include articles showing a c. The guy that was armed should have taken out the shooter at the college campus. I would have done it for sure.

I am an excellent shot and would have taken him out before he could have shot anyone else. I spent 30 years active and reserve in the Army with two combat tours and I would have gone and taken him out. Can you live with yourself if people die because you failed to act when you knew you could make a difference? The kid did it on the train, what is the difference now? He could have saved some lives. Having a gun in your home vastly increasing your risk of suicide, being shot, an shooting an innocent.

Ditto for everyone in your home. You need to get over your paranoia about murder-mad home invaders. Just because there is media coverage concerning some random persons opinion on the latest hot topic does not give them instant credibility. They fired their weapon on the battlefield. Just like tens of thousands of other veterans. Unless they are in a situation where their wife and children are clinging to them for life and praying that daddy protects them do they have an opinion as to whether a gun should be in the hands of civilians.

If you have not been in this situation, shut it! I for one would do everything in my power to protect my own. You may have an argument for training but a good guy with a gun at least has a chance when under attack as opposed to a good guy without a gun under attack.

To argue the contrary is simply foolish. This is nothing but speculation on their part. The inconvenient fact is that criminologists have found that U. Your statement is based on the Washington State and Cleveland studies and others that have long since been debunked. They only counted cases of self-defense where the attackers were shot and killed, but in the majority of cases where a firearm is used in self-defense, the gun is not fired.

They would count cases where the attacker was a total stranger, but often victims are acquainted with their attackers. Shootings in businesses and guns brought into the home from the outside we counted as guns kept in the home, and they only looked at places where shootings took place and ignored the millions of homes where guns were kept without incident. Furthermore, it has been found that 65 lives protected by guns for every life lost to a gun[1], and criminologists have found that U.

Are you talking to police officials, the same one criticising all LE for police brutality? Are the police the only ones to be armed? Good Guy With A Gun? Enforce existing gun laws instead of adding more http: We need to enforce the laws we already have. Guns do not kill people. People who have no respect for life kill people. I am a Republican. I am a man who embraces the 2nd Amendment. The worst crime rates and murders are in the places with the strictest gun control but liberals remain mute on that point.

Hillary Clinton just recently ranted on about more gun control and even wanting to hold gun sellers and manufacturers accountable. So, by her logic, are we going to sue Ford and Chevy every time someone gets hurt or killed in a car accident?

Are we going to sue radio stations and music artists for us going deaf because we turned up the music too loud? What happened to taking personal accountability for our own actions? Political correctness is a cancer killing us all, as individuals and as a nation. Right there are a lot of us trained a few thousands myself that could probably kick their asses. Your trust is totally misplaced. How really stupid are you????

I sure would rather have the option to protect myself or others, rather than just die without a chance. I have the right to bear arms, and I will do so. One day you may thank someone like me. Gun safety is something that should be taught to everyone even at a young age. There are veterans that are proficient in stopping an active shooter in their tracks who are now civilians……. These veterans do not know what the hell they are talking about!!! I served from to and 16 of those years was Infantry.

I do not know anyone I served with who does not support the NRA!!! This story is exactly that a story! Bob Talley, thanks for your service. No one in the history of the U. As for the automobile, etc.

THIS veteran is glad to see people pushing back against the gun control nuts. The same people, in most cases, who have never served, never will and are deathly afraid of anyone who has. Secondly, it comes down to freedom, I would think you would understand that. Everyday there are news stories like the 65 year grandma who who shot the muggers on her way home, or the mom who held hostage but broke free and got to her gun and shot down the the intruders, I respect these serviceman and thier sacrifice to this country, but the facts out way this story.

This just a liberal trying to use twist what these guys are saying to fit the anti gun agenda. NO DRUG should be made illegal to get or obtained as defined by the right in my pursuit of happiness. No licensing or requirements to drive cars either. You sir, are a maroon, as Bugs Bunny would say.

Did you ever stop to think about that! This means the ONlY people to carry guns legally, are the police, and the armed forces. De facto any one else carrying a gun is a criminal, Even our police do not carry weapons except for specially trained SO19 units, who are called upon as and when needed. Sanity reigns, you are incorrect. A simple Google search of a good guy with a gun stops a mass shooting will show there have been numerous cases of an armed citizen stopping or preventing a mass shooting.

Oct Luke Woodham.. April 24, Parker middle school. Another active shooter who opens fire inside a dance. Killed once before he was stopped by James Strand. Jan 16, 43 year old former student returns to Appalachian School or Law and kills 3, wounds 3 before being stopped by 2 students.

The list goes on and on and rather easily deflates and debunks your false narrative as spewed by idiotic liberals. This is utter nonsense. In fact, it is so patently absurd that I doubt the source is even real. It is hard to imagine that anyone could be so cognitively challenged.

Let me tell you, combat veterans are not all created equal: I was a career infantryman. I served in Desert Storm and did two 12 month tours in Afghanistan leading infantry units in active ground combat against the enemy.

Out of 2 million combat veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan they found one guy. Parker how he feels about his decision now. I bet he regrets not going to the aid of his fellow man. I would be ashamed if I was armed and hid while others died at the hands of a madman.

There are nearly 13 million concealed handgun license holders in the US and they came up with two cases where the permit holder did something stupid. Given the choice between being unarmed and cowering in a corner and waiting for my executioner, I will take the average armed citizen any day of the week.

OR When nuclear weapons are outlawed only outlaws will have nuclear weapons. OR Nuclear weapons are arms. Therefore the Second Amendment guarantees my right to bear a suitcase nuke.

Pretty compelling argument, huh? In Tx two armed terrorists show up at a museum to kill people for insulting Mohamed. Total dead 2, wounded 2. Good guy had a semi auto handgun. Terrorists dead, good guy took 1 to the leg. At s church service gunman kilks 2 people outside church. Enters the building to kill more.

Woman sees gunman, pulks her gun and kills the shooter. When Japan was in the early stages of planning their Attack on Pearl Harbor, it was suggested that they include ground forces to take and hold Hawaii. What about other crimes like rape, robbery, assault, etc… all gave increased since you banned guns. Washington DC also had a total ban on handgun ownership, and strict rules on owning a rifle. For a long time it was the murder capital of the US.

The first two a museum, the second two an office party. The two who attacked the museum did so in Texas and an armed man shot and killed the terrorists and took a bullet to the leg. The two who attacked the office party did so in California. My husband is a veteran as am I. We despise the NRA. They used to be for gun safety before LaPierre became their puppet who helps gun manufactures.

My husband, brother, father and myself are liberal veterans. Background checks for all personal sales does not equal taking your guns. My husband carries concealed. Get out of your conservative bubble. Are you denying the obvious truth that America has become the capital of gun violence of the civilized world under the gun proliferation scheme of the traitorous NRA?

And why are you comparing guns with cars, my friend? Cars are indispensable means for the modern society and have been subjected to extensive researches for improvement and stringent laws to make them much safer than they used to be.

Guns are designed solely for the purpose of killing or injuring, and we are much safer without them, are we not? Gun laws in America are useless, being only statewide with so many loopholes and many crazy ideas from the NRA for example no funds should be allowed for guns studies and researches. If you want to have a correct assessment of the effects of gun control, please look elsewhere and not in America.

More guns more gun deaths, that is common-sense proven by all gun studies beyond any doubt. You maybe very good with your gun, but generally the personal gun is extremely dangerous in the wrong hands, especially of those millions of potentially dangerous people in a modern but sickly society like America. So I hereby ask you for your compassion on the numerous victims of gun violence and their suffering families — please never again speak for the killing guns and make the matter worse, my friend.

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There's no shortage of detestable takes from right-wing conservatives regarding the Brett Kavanaugh saga, Brett Kavanaugh was caught off-guard by Senator Kamala Harris's questioning regarding his views on Some Indiana residents are in freakout mode after signs commemorating the Satanic Temple's trash Backlash and boycotts have the NRA in serious financial trouble: Country music star Eric Church: I blame the NRA for the Vegas mass shooting.

Leron December 8, at 6: Deb S December 8, at 7: GP December 8, at 8: Lee December 8, at 8: Their job is to come home and many of the law enforcement cannot take a life, they do that study every once in a while My last point is to carry in Minnesota you need to be trained per MN Statue Bob Simes December 8, at 9: Alex Willging December 8, at 9: George December 8, at Riggs December 9, at 2: At last adults are speaking to this issue.

Prasanna December 9, at 7: Rob Powers December 9, at 7: Konrad Langlie December 9, at 8: B December 9, at 8: TZH December 9, at 9: Rod December 9, at 9: John Wardenburg December 9, at 9: Even if that good guy is you, at home with the closest law officer miles away? James December 9, at This article is spot-on. David Schaffer December 9, at Dave December 9, at Andrew Wertz December 9, at Senior Haberdasher SmithSenator December 9, at 1: Christy Penleric Rosebud51 December 9, at 1: I am alive today because a good guy had a gun.

John December 9, at 1: Jay December 9, at 2: How many of them do you think are ready to be thrust into the role of first responder? David December 9, at 3: Chaisecat December 9, at 3: Winter December 9, at 4: Dave Vann December 9, at 4: Pete December 9, at 4: Rlee Emerysgt December 9, at 5: You trust lies over reality, got it stalin.

Good Guy With Gun December 9, at 5: Michelle December 9, at 5: LOL, you really havent a clue…. Whymilikethis December 9, at 6: Rich December 9, at 6: Rich December 9, at 7: Dave Vann December 9, at 7: Kevin Wires December 9, at 8: Lee December 9, at Kevin December 9, at Donald Cole December 10, at 2: Wicker December 10, at 3: Randy combat vet December 10, at 3: This story is BS!

Jim L Couch December 10, at 4: Mk December 10, at 5: Ryan Feltman December 10, at 5: Kimberpross December 10, at 5: Dave Pressly December 10, at 6: Jp December 10, at 7: Dave Vann December 10, at 8: Michael G Conroy December 10, at 8: Jen December 10, at 8: Keohane December 10, at 8: Nightthorn k'Vala December 10, at Jumbo December 10, at Not Yours December 10, at LeRoy T December 10, at Howard Sands December 10, at 2: Odysseus M Tanner December 10, at 2: Klot December 10, at 3: Doug Urbanski December 10, at 3: Dennis Myers December 10, at 4: If you take innocent lives by mistake, will you still think you made the right choice?

Jeff Chang December 10, at 8: Peter Shaw December 10, at Corey December 10, at Been There December 11, at 1: Gary December 11, at 1: Adam December 11, at 6: Emily Garrigan December 11, at 6: Tim Trible December 11, at 7: Hoshnasi December 11, at Brad MacInnis December 11, at 1: This article is a complete and total load of bullshit!

HD December 11, at 7: GE December 11, at 9: Nelson December 12, at Chuck Haggard December 12, at Statistically more people are saved by defensive guns uses than are killed. That is a fact. Your emotion filled argument is demonstrably false.

DL December 12, at 1: Chad Brick December 12, at 4: Jeff December 12, at 4: James December 14, at 7: Psychologists stops a mass shooting in a hospital.

Bernie December 15, at Bob Talley December 15, at 5: Wiliam Deitrick December 15, at 8: Brian December 24, at 8: Melvin Woods December 25, at Hughes January 5, at 5: Will Suszter Pelles January 8, at 5: Oh liberals you try so hard! Good guy with a gun has worked multiple times. Mike Dehart January 9, at 2: Jimmy January 9, at 7: Molonlabe23 January 9, at 7: Coyote Actual January 9, at 8: Sanity Reigns January 9, at 9: Derek Taylor January 10, at 1: Snuffy January 11, at Jim January 12, at Brian January 13, at Killed once before he was stopped by James Strand Jan 16, 43 year old former student returns to Appalachian School or Law and kills 3, wounds 3 before being stopped by 2 students.

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