Remington 700 sps stock options

Bell & Carlson Long Range Adjustable Cheekpiece Sporterl Remington Long Action - a cutting-edge aluminum bedded long range stock for sporter barreled long action Remington Model hunting rifles. Stocky's take: The was designed with a purpose - to build the lightest practical aluminum-bedded sporter stock with adjustability. Construction-wise, it compares to the Alaskans with the very useful .

Everything we sell is designed to be installed in an evening or two at home with very little, if any, difficulty for the average hobbyist. The barrels are free floated all the way to the action and the scope mounted using the desired rings and picatinny rail. Thanks for the info. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. After considering my options, I decided I would have to build my own to get exactly what I wanted.

What is the Remington 700?

While this stock is a great replacement stock for the standard Rem stock, or Hogue stock, the lack of these features is why it costs much less than the XLR. You would need a .

If pressure is out on the front of the rifle, the stock starts to bend and makes contact with the barrel. The stock also has a rubberized coating that is nice, but once it is exposed to the elements and heat it can start to fall apart and become overly tacky. The bipod is a reproduction of a Harris sling mount type. The scope is made by Oculus.

The rifle is more or less a plain canvas to work with and that is the exact reason I chose to buy it. This rifle was able to produce Sub MOA with the first box of match ammo I ran through it? Think of what it could do with the perfect ammo pairing. Point of aim accuracy. No wonder why this gun is so popular. So what will happen when I take the barreled action and put it in a stock that fits me better? How much will accuracy improve with better glass?

And can I get more from the trigger? Now, getting to the part of the article I hinted at earlier. The Model may have been just fine in its stock form in Hell, it was still fine in , but the times change and so do the needs of shooters. Modern riflemen not only want, but need amenities such as bedded stocks, 20 moa rails, removable magazines, adjustable stocks, rail space for accessories and overall just more customizable ergonomics.

All this can be tackled piece by piece; by the end of it all, you can easily spend thousands building the perfect rifle. For a rifle with a heavy barrel, this may be the way to go. For my rifle and this series on optimizing the Remington Model , I chose to go with a tested platform for building a modern precision rifle. The SPS Tactical truly does bring a strong foundation to the table.

However, in my opinion, it just seems to lack the ergonomics I want. The good news is that this is a gun that can grow with you—yet it is still fully functional in the meantime. As you pick up the pieces, you can upgrade. Until then, keep shooting. Read More about the So is there any hope for my vtr. Would any do? I have the same weapon with the same thought process. My very first part I swapped out was the trigger, I purchased the Timney model you can adjust the pull from 1. Like you I have the harris bi-pod notched.

Like one of the other gentleman, i will admit that i am a pre 64 Winchester man. However i have always respected the out of box accuracy of the Remington If Remington had been responsible in the beginning, the liberals would not have had anything to have a field day with. I am a hunter with many enjoyable years in the field. I shoot targets only to assure my guns are sighted in. The triggers were not properly adjusted, or were dirty.

My hunting guns get dirty all the time. The guy that knocked the M70 safety just needs to understand how it works. People that understand swear by it, not at it. In the rear position your bolt will never open just a bit, that will prevent it from firing, etc.. My brother and a close friend have both had there go off without touching the trigger.

It happens, just accept it. Eason, As to your comment on the Remington trigger being truly un-safe. Yes there have been incidents where triggers have stuck. That being said as a full-time gunsmith I have replaced quite a few per the recall but I believe in 14 years of full-time gunsmithing I have replaced one because of it actually having an issue and not just because.

You being a Winchester man have you or anyone you know ever personally had one to accidentally discharge? My my PSS as the factory Remington trigger that I have polished and tuned to 18 ounces you can bounce my gun, you can hit it, you can do whatever you want to it and it will not go off. Although Remington does put red sealer on the head of those screws to keep them from being adjusted, just saying.

Mr Eason, Im sorry I did not see where you said that your brother n law had one go off, but had anything been done to the trigger? Was it crusted up? Improvements I have made to my Remington rifles: The X-Ring is only 2. You are starting off on the losing end of that equation. I struggle to see the end goal with this article.

For a few bucks more, you could get the 5R, which has better accuracy, stainless steel action and barrel, plus it is already mated to H-S precision chassis. I think a good portion of it is the shooter I shoot yard matches off sling with my sps tactical. Yeah I got a lot of laughs when I brought it out. I did go sub sonic before it hit but a load of grn with I was not the best out there but I did way better than one would think, no misses and less than 10 out of the black.

Dont even wanna talk about what scope I used. I too have the in a stock. While that yard group out of the rifle looks fine to me I would take it in a heartbeat I am very interested in the rest of the build especially the drop in trigger improvements. Does anyone know if there is a way to convert my top loader to a box magazine?

Reloading it all the time shooting squirrels is a pain. If you had purchased something like a Remington Model ,. They happen to do a sweet job threading the barrel for sound suppressors.

I meant to add that I have a SPS varmint in. I am looking at buying a SPS varmint in. Do you use it for hunting or just range fun? Even triggers that are maintained and cleaned regularly have miss fired. Surly they can replace them all for free! Do the research and read for yourself. Its a great rifle but its got that one deadly flaw. Shame on Remington for taking our money over our safety. Remington replaced the trigger mechanism — I sold it and will never buy anything made by Remington ever again.

In every case, when I investigated the cause it was because someone usually owner monkeyed with the trigger. The other factor is letting it get filled with dirt. Some owners do not want to admit the fact but after a conversation the evidence becomes obvious. I have seen trigger systems so dirty that they barely move. I have never had a Rem A. There are at least 3 factors to the trigger involving adjustment.

It is like a triangle; when you change one, others get changed. If you do not understand the dynamic stay out of the trigger. It is meant to run dry. Do use oil if you got it wet but then blow off the oil to be dry. Weighing about 2 lbs, this unit is ideal for lightweight, long-range, thick-barrel hunting builds. Similar to the uber-popular Alaskans.

Perfect for Proof Research Carbon Fiber barrels, when so paired they will make up into an outstanding sheep rifle, weighing in right at at about 8 lbs scoped! The was designed with a purpose - to build the lightest practical aluminum-bedded sporter stock with adjustability.

Construction-wise, it compares to the Alaskans with the very useful addition of an in-house designed, lightweight adjustable cheek riser. Weighing in at 2 lbs. Opening to fit heavier barrels is not recommended due to the slimmed down forend.

The same ammunition shot groups of. Those groups were by far the best the rifle has ever fired. For several weeks I daily watered the garden then eventually dug up the stock the same time as some carrots. After washing off the dirt, the stock looked brand new.

Although we do recommend epoxy bedding on all of our carbon fiber stocks, the stock is also designed to be a "drop-in" and can be used by simply bolting in your barreled action and triggerguard. It also features two sling mounts flush cups on the off-bolt side for carrying, pillar bedding as well as the same waterproof, textured finish. Every threaded component studs, cups and mount screws into an aluminum plate that is molded-in just beneath the surface - so its not coming out.

Combine this with the stiffest lay-up of carbon fiber composite available and you get one tough and accurate stock. Hand lay-ups of premium carbon fiber cloth are resin-impregnated and molded one-at-a-time by American military veterans, the inletting carefully machined like the more expensive stocks then finished in your choice of textured colors to produce some of the stiffest, most durable lightweight Remington stocks on the market today.

The proprietary design of our M50 is a very sculptured, ergonomic stock with a slightly wider forend than the VG2. Hand lay-ups of premium carbon fiber cloth are resin-impregnated and molded one-at-a-time, the inletting carefully machined like the more expensive stocks then finished in your choice of textured colors to produce some of the stiffest, most durable lightweight Remington stocks on the market today.

Our vertical-grip design on the VG2 has quickly one of the most popular stocks we have ever made. The VG2 is also offered in laminated wood and glass-filled nylon construction, but this new carbon-fiber lay-up version is destined to set records not only in sales, but also in the field and at the range.

Designed for the toughest and hardest hunts the world has to offer, it is offered in a variety of barrel contours to be a drop-in fit on everything from a Mountain Rifle all the way up to the "matching" state-of-the-art Proof Research Carbon Fiber Sendero barrels. The CAT is a hand layup of pure carbon fiber with aluminum pillars installed. This is one of the the lightest and most rigid stocks money can buy.

They are ready to have your Remington dropped right into it out of the box. We believe this is one of the best values on the market for a premium, hand layup carbon fiber stock and the perfect companion to our new,state-of-the-art Proof Research barrels. Proprietary features within the stock and receiver area provide additional structural strength while reducing flex. And, as you know, stiffness reliably increases accuracy.

It can be inletted for long or short, right or left-handed actions in most bottom metal configurations. At Stocky's, our mission is to promote, enhance, and expand the enjoyment of the art and science of accessorizing modern rifles and shotguns. Our focus is not only on the experienced shooter, but also on keeping it simple enough for the average shooter with a normal amount of experience in the field.

Visit Us on Facebook. You have no items to compare. Account Wishlist Blog Log In. Technical Support Welcome to the world of custom stocks! View All Tech Support Pages. Before Purchasing a Stock First three things you need to know before you buy or inquire about a new stock: Choosing Your Stock With the hundreds of choices available at Stocky's, how can you make sense of them all?

Stock Installation Instructions Replacing your old, worn or otherwise undesirable factory stock with a new Stocky's stock: Show 12 24 32 64 All per page. Best sporter on the market if you are looking to drive nails with your Model Seven or SA

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