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Axis Bank is the third largest of the private-sector banks in India offering a comprehensive suite of financial products. The bank has its head office in Mumbai and registered office in Ahmedabad. It has 3, branches, 13, ATMs, and nine international offices. The bank employs over 55, people and had a market .

Mastercard recently tied up with this lounge T2 Domestic Departure Have fun!


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If yes,how to get it enabled as customer care executives dont not even know about it. Firstly, Siddharth I want to convey to you that I really enjoy your articles. I thank you for that! I did not find details on the website.

Also anything good about Deutsche Bank cards? I currently have my salary account there. I asked them for a debit card that gave me lounge access and they suggested me to use an AMEX card. Thank you for your kind words Raj. As you must have read about my failed over- ambitious attempt to get a free Diners Club Black card, now I am going to ask them for the Jet Airway debit card.

I currently have a visa variant of Platinum debit card. I want to change it to mastercard variant. When i called the customer care, they said that it is not possible to change the variant.

Is the variant change possible? What form of communication and to whom will enable me to get me this request processed? Where did you get the information regarding the Lounge visits? I have the Master Card variant. Checked with the CC and was told it does not have any Lounge access. Did u check with the Mastercard CC for lounge visits?

But now the branch ppl are saying that mastercard variant platinum debit card does not have lounge access they confirmed it internally. So, I myself am not sure now. Instead getting HDFC rupay premium card now for lounge visit access. Bad news of the day. Just when I thought I could start gaming the system…. Hi indeed paytm is charging the fee but only on add money transactions! If u purchase a product , may be an expensive one via credit card in paytm website and then immediately cancel it, u will be still able to reap the benefits of reward points.

I just called customer service. I will have to upgrade for other cards in case i would like to avail the same. I have put in a request for upgrade to Jet Debit card, however my RM told that the lounge access has been discontinued now.

Is it possible to validate this? Everything appears to be fine as no one reported about it so far. But maybe you can answer this for me in the meanwhile — if the bank offers two free visits per quarter, would those by default be the MasterCard affiliated lounges or the bank would decide which of the mastercard lounges it is vs. Will I get the same eligibility which I used to get in my older card?

Especially, the airport lounge access? Do I get the access there? Mastercard recently tied up with this lounge T2 Domestic Departure Have fun! Hi Anish generally the benefits are non transferable!

The name in the card and the boarding pass should match ideally! Sapphiro Visa debit card has 4 free accesses per quarter not 2.

The joining fee of 2k is more than compensated by vouchers and the lounge visits 16 per year. Is the 4 visits per quarter still applicable? I plan to use this soon, but the information here has confused me.

Hi i have diners club premium credit card and get unlimited access in various domestic airport lounges.. Its only accepted in the longue on international departure side and not on domestic side.. How come you havent mentioned standard chartered debit card? I have a priority SC debit card which is 4 free access per year. Hey Siddharth , in love with your articles!! Thoroughly, superlative analysis boy!! Keep up the good work brother. I enjoy 3 complimentary domestic lounge access per quarter at a nominal fee of rs 25 per visit!

And the worst part is they have cut the visits sharply. Seriously planning to move to rupay dc. If you are a transit passenger you can make use of this feature very well.

Guess HDFC does not like its customers to use all of the features it provides. So they are reverting back like a coward. Cheap move HDFC… cheap move…. Typically the reason is, our aviation industry is booming and India is now 3rd largest aviation market in domestic air passenger traffic. I was surprised to find out that I have few of these cards but have never used them for lounge access.

Can you let me know what do I need to do to get such access? Are there any more formalities? My family members also have Axis bank Priority Debit card but it being delivered as an Instant kit ,their names are not there in the Debit card.

Will it be still acceptable in the lounge or Do we have to provide any ID proof? Hey, Can you please update the article with the new rules and prices joining fee. Would be of real help, thank you. And I read at several places that these offers have a validity like till 31st dec for mastercard.

Will they renew it after that? Can you please mention that as well in the article? No one gives better info than you. My parents are travelling to Australia via Singapore. Does the IDFC debit card have easy complementary lounge access too? Does anyone have hands-on experience with IDFC debit card? Hi Siddharth, Really appreciate your work.

Hi Siddharth, Thanks a ton for your quick response. Does she get access with that card? One more thing, while swiping the card do I receive any notification on my mobile or email? Hi Siddharth, Hope you are doing fine. For more multi bagger recommendations click here. Our experts panel will help you to get you those life-changing stocks, tomorrow's bluechips today.

Sun Pharma is in the Pharmaceuticals sector. The current market capitalisation stands at Rs , Verify your Moneycontrol account. Multiply your wealth now with multibaggers from poweryourtrade. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. Have you invested in these stocks?

You can track them better in your Portfolio. Keep me signed in Forgot Password? Track Sun Pharma on the go with the money control app. Sign in to post a message.

Remember me Keep me signed in. Don't have an account yet? A person who has come to or stays in India, in either case, except: The following are considered to be close relatives: Father Provided that the term "Father" includes step-father 4. Mother Provided that the term "Mother" includes the step-mother 5.

Son Provided that the term "Son" includes the step-son 6. Brother Provided that the term "Brother" includes the step-brother Sister Provided that the term "Sister" includes the step-sister. For Airline staff, open ticket may be accepted.

Proof of Airline staff will be required by the bank. No obligation orders and can be canceled any time without penalty. The following cancellation policy applies only to our fixed rate transactions where you are required to make an advance payment to BookMyForex.

These orders, if not utilized within 3 working days, will automatically be canceled and the entire advance payment made to BookMyForex. Fixed rates are only valid for 3 working days including booking date, after which the order is automatically canceled. Prepaid cards are the most recommended and the safest way of carrying currency. You can now get multi-currency card as well, where you can carry more than one currency for your multiple location travel to avoid carrying multiple cards.

Large amount of currency is unsafe to carry but small amounts of currency notes should be carried for incidental expenses. Prepaid Travel cards are a much more recommended method of carrying currency than TCs. Demand Drafts Demand drafts are issued in the foreign currency desired for the purposes of remitting sending money abroad.

Demand drafts can be carried or mailed to the beneficiary. Wire Transfer Wire transfers are used to remit send money directly from an Indian bank account of the customer to the foreign bank account of the beneficiary.

Foreign travel on account any of the following will be treated as business travel: Yes, forex for studies abroad can be taken in all forms except cash currency where the limit of USD applies. TCs however can be taken only when the student is physically present in India for the transaction.

If an individual remits any amount under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme in a financial year, then the applicable limit for such individual would be reduced from USD 2,50, by the amount so remitted. For any current or capital account transactions or a combination of both. Investment by resident, individual in overseas companies would be sub-summed under the Scheme of USD 2,50, If an individual remits any amount under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme in a financial year, then the applicable limit for such individual would be reduced from USD , by the amount so remitted.

No limit on amount of foreign exchange that can be brought into India. Under the Scheme, resident individuals can acquire and hold immovable property or shares or debt instruments or any other assets outside India, without prior approval of the Reserve Bank. Individuals can also open, maintain and hold foreign currency accounts with banks outside India for carrying out transactions permitted under the Scheme. Persons resident in India are permitted to maintain foreign currency accounts in India under the following three Schemes: Exchange Earners Foreign Currency Accounts: All categories of resident foreign exchange earners can credit up to per cent of their foreign exchange earnings, as specified in the paragraph 1 A of the Schedule to Notification No.

The account is maintained in the form of a non-interest bearing current account. RFC account can be maintained in the form of current or savings or term deposit accounts. The funds in RFC account are free from all restrictions regarding utilization of foreign currency balances including any restriction on investment outside India.

Resident Foreign Currency Domestic Account: A resident Individual may open, hold and maintain with an Authorized Dealer in India, a Resident Foreign Currency Domestic Account, out of foreign exchange acquired in the form of currency notes, Bank notes and travelers cheques, from any of the sources like, payment for services rendered abroad, as honorarium, gift, services rendered or in settlement of any lawful obligation from any person not resident in India.

The account shall be maintained in the form of Current Account and shall not bear any interest. There is no ceiling on the balances in the account. The account may be debited for payments made towards permissible current and capital account transactions. The traveler returning bank to India can utilize Exchange so brought back for his subsequent visit abroad during the period specified above.

However, a returning traveler is also permitted to retain with him, foreign currency travelers cheques and currency notes up to an aggregate amount of USD and foreign coins without any ceiling.

The traveler can utilize foreign exchange so retained, for his subsequent visit abroad. Dance troupes, artistes, etc. Residents Indians are allowed to remit up to USD 2,50, per annum.

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