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This site is the Pokepedia. It is the most comprehensive, searchable Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) database on the web. In the world of TCGs and Collectible Card Games (CCG), there is nothing else like.

It further said the CIU requested updates on the status of the investigations and received documentary confirmation, issued by the Sebi, stating that in one case, the matter had been satisfactorily closed, and indicating in the other that there was not sufficient evidence to pursue the case further.

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Great condition cute pictures and information. Very good reference guide. My little guy loved it. This book as mostly basic info but your kids should love it. It can help you under stand the first season of Digmon more. I wish it were a little tougher as it is becoming raggedy. Laura Haggarty Top Contributor: I purchased this book for my 6 year old daughter. This book provides them with a complete at least until more are created reference to all her favorite Digimon characters.

The first section of the book gives a brief "history" of the Digimon world and monsters, and also has a guide to using the book for both types of trading cards.

Next comes a large section with one monster per page, with information about pronunciation of the name, levels, numbers, groups, type, size, techniques, abilities, and a description. At the end is a list of FAQS frequently asked questions , info on the card games, and an alphabetical listing.

All in all this is a good resource for any Digimon fan, although it will probably be out of date within a year or two, as they add more monsters to the roster. Ryan Nerz does a good job when it comes to the stats, but it's lacking something when it comes to descriptions. Most of them simply say what the Digimon looks like as if the pictures didn't show us and their attacks. That's usually about it, unless they add how scary or strong the Digimon is and that we should watch out for them.

Sometimes they throw in an extra bit, like what part they played in the show, which is a plus. All in all, it's a nice book despite the not up to par descriptions. Extras include and FAQ, show information, and Digidestined information. One person found this helpful.

A Kid's Review 5. What a great book. I take it with me everywhere I go. I mean, yeah, it has some mistakes, but it still has more Digimon characters and concepts than any other guide or book. Credit default swaps have also faced criticism that they contributed to a breakdown in negotiations during the General Motors Chapter 11 reorganization , because certain bondholders might benefit from the credit event of a GM bankruptcy due to their holding of CDSs.

Critics speculate that these creditors had an incentive to push for the company to enter bankruptcy protection. Furthermore, CDS deals are marked-to-market frequently.

This would have led to margin calls from buyers to sellers as Lehman's CDS spread widened, reducing the net cashflows on the days after the auction. Senior bankers have argued that not only has the CDS market functioned remarkably well during the financial crisis; that CDS contracts have been acting to distribute risk just as was intended; and that it is not CDSs themselves that need further regulation but the parties who trade them.

Some general criticism of financial derivatives is also relevant to credit derivatives. Warren Buffett famously described derivatives bought speculatively as "financial weapons of mass destruction. In the meantime, though, before a contract is settled, the counterparties record profits and losses—often huge in amount—in their current earnings statements without so much as a penny changing hands.

The range of derivatives contracts is limited only by the imagination of man or sometimes, so it seems, madmen. To hedge the counterparty risk of entering a CDS transaction, one practice is to buy CDS protection on one's counterparty. The positions are marked-to-market daily and collateral pass from buyer to seller or vice versa to protect both parties against counterparty default, but money does not always change hands due to the offset of gains and losses by those who had both bought and sold protection.

The monoline insurance companies got involved with writing credit default swaps on mortgage-backed CDOs. Some media reports have claimed this was a contributing factor to the downfall of some of the monolines.

During the financial crisis , counterparties became subject to a risk of default, amplified with the involvement of Lehman Brothers and AIG in a very large number of CDS transactions. This is an example of systemic risk , risk which threatens an entire market, and a number of commentators have argued that size and deregulation of the CDS market have increased this risk. For example, imagine if a hypothetical mutual fund had bought some Washington Mutual corporate bonds in and decided to hedge their exposure by buying CDS protection from Lehman Brothers.

After Lehman's default, this protection was no longer active, and Washington Mutual's sudden default only days later would have led to a massive loss on the bonds, a loss that should have been insured by the CDS. Chains of CDS transactions can arise from a practice known as "netting". However, if the reference company defaults, company B might not have the assets on hand to make good on the contract.

It depends on its contract with company A to provide a large payout, which it then passes along to company C. The problem lies if one of the companies in the chain fails, creating a " domino effect " of losses.

For example, if company A fails, company B will default on its CDS contract to company C, possibly resulting in bankruptcy, and company C will potentially experience a large loss due to the failure to receive compensation for the bad debt it held from the reference company. Even worse, because CDS contracts are private, company C will not know that its fate is tied to company A; it is only doing business with company B.

As described above , the establishment of a central exchange or clearing house for CDS trades would help to solve the "domino effect" problem, since it would mean that all trades faced a central counterparty guaranteed by a consortium of dealers. There is a risk of having CDS recharacterized as different types of financial instruments because they resemble put options and credit guarantees. If a CDS is a notional principal contract, pre-default periodic and nonperiodic payments on the swap are deductible and included in ordinary income.

The thrust of this criticism is that Naked CDS are indistinguishable from gambling wagers, and thus give rise in all instances to ordinary income, including to hedge fund managers on their so-called carried interests, [] and that the IRS exceeded its authority with the proposed regulations. The accounting treatment of CDS used for hedging may not parallel the economic effects and instead, increase volatility.

In contrast, assets that are held for investment, such as a commercial loan or bonds, are reported at cost, unless a probable and significant loss is expected. Thus, hedging a commercial loan using a CDS can induce considerable volatility into the income statement and balance sheet as the CDS changes value over its life due to market conditions and due to the tendency for shorter dated CDS to sell at lower prices than longer dated CDS.

One can try to account for the CDS as a hedge under FASB [] but in practice that can prove very difficult unless the risky asset owned by the bank or corporation is exactly the same as the Reference Obligation used for the particular CDS that was bought.

A new type of default swap is the "loan only" credit default swap LCDS. This is conceptually very similar to a standard CDS, but unlike "vanilla" CDS, the underlying protection is sold on syndicated secured loans of the Reference Entity rather than the broader category of "Bond or Loan". Also, as of May 22, , for the most widely traded LCDS form, which governs North American single name and index trades, the default settlement method for LCDS shifted to auction settlement rather than physical settlement.

The auction method is essentially the same that has been used in the various ISDA cash settlement auction protocols, but does not require parties to take any additional steps following a credit event i. Because LCDS trades are linked to secured obligations with much higher recovery values than the unsecured bond obligations that are typically assumed the cheapest to deliver in respect of vanilla CDS, LCDS spreads are generally much tighter than CDS trades on the same name.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Buyer purchased a CDS at time t 0 and makes regular premium payments at times t 1 , t 2 , t 3 , and t 4. If the associated credit instrument suffers no credit event, then the buyer continues paying premiums at t 5 , t 6 and so on until the end of the contract at time t n. However, if the associated credit instrument suffered a credit event at t 5 , then the seller pays the buyer for the loss, and the buyer would cease paying premiums to the seller.

Parts of this article those related to legality of naked CDS in Europe need to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

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