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The Judge brings up the PSI and numerous letters from the dinar community that were written to him or the courts directly informing them of the TNT calls in which he is still following his pattern of bad behavior.

Federal prosecutor then states they were fine with the plea agreement because is would take the government a lot of time and expense to go through all known victims and try the crime in Federal Court. The Judge brought up the defendants history and character which must be considered and brought into the equation. At this point the court turns off the PA system and all one could was hear is static or white noise to keep a private sidebar between the Judge and another individual in the court room.

The Judge then firmly stated that these conditions will apply: The same thing he did in 14daily with calls he is doing currently with currencies. The Judge was explicit in the following:. In the hallway outside the courtroom; I and others stopped the Federal Prosecutor to discuss a couple things the judge had said and we were told that the government does not have the resources to watch and track all that he is doing.

The dinar community has already submitted to the court much needed documentation and the Federal Prosecutor told us that if the dinar community witnesses him violating any portion of the plea agreement to contact him and he would see to it that it is brought to light.

This would break the plea agreement thus making it possible for Tony to have to do the full 78 to 96 months in prison. Contact information for the Federal Prosecutor will be available in the court transcripts. The transcript will fill in all the minutiae of the proceedings. Here is the archived version of 14dp:. What Tony is an expert in is lying. Tony has not only ripped off people back in with 14 daily plus, but he also told people to buy Iraqi Dinar in preparation for a revaluation of the currency.

Here are some of the false claims he has made. Here is the 14 daily plus call from that Tony does not want you to hear: Below are civil complaints involving Renfrow. Recently, Tony Renfrow decided to change his plea from innocent to guilty. You knew you were guilty, should have admitted it from the beginning. Here is what Tony was like back in , found on MySpace. People should know about this man. Stay tuned for updates.

Click below to learn more: He discusses the currency of Iraq on all of his calls as well as promoting health products. He sings and acts jive but he has a mass of followers. Here is the latest video: TNT Tony pleads guilty. For financial expert advice seek a professional adviser, broker or wealth manger. I am not expecting anything big with the Iraqi Dinar for the next two months, the dinar is weak and with the low prices of oil, I expect the dinar to still lose value.

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