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Should be around bucks filing fee according to your State. Look up the registered agent here if you are in California: Write down everything you can remember immediatly Keep your case simple Present your case to the Judge with one short paragraph Be direct and explain the damage to you.

Just get your 4k judgment, do not try for more Wear a tie and give the court its due respect. Look directly to the Judge when you speak, and never address the defendant directly I have a few Judgments with large corporations collecting interest and I can get the money anytime I wish as they are very solvent. But I am experienced in these matters and know what I can do and what I cannot.

You would be surprised at how many times they will settle out of court You see 5k is usually the threashold for small claims and for them to attempt to get this heard in Superior Court is not cost effective for their legal staff. If so then if signature is not similar go to your local police station and ask them for help. Just got off the phone with them and they are saying its my responsibility to cover the loss since i did not notice it on time. Although I told them I was on vacation at the time.

I am really astounded at how a huge coporation like Etrade could screw their customers so bad. Absolutely furious and I cant believe they are not taking responsibility. I will be taking this to small claims court but i am not happy with the wasted time I have to put forth because someone on their end could not cancel a transfer of money in my account after they knew their was a security breach and closed my account automatically.

You know what to do Hint: Find a paralegal to find a case that found for the plantiff with circumstances similar to yours. By "Sherpardizing" this for the Judge, makes it a "no-brainer" for him to find for you No PM's please, I am not for hire I have enough work as it is. If you don't mind me asking. How can someone take 4k out of someone else's account without being caught? If they wire it, it can be traced.

Roessner was appointed CEO. As of December 31, , the company had 3. In , the company processed , daily average revenue trades. The company has 30 branches. In , the company had over 64 million total views and over 26, subscribers on YouTube, more than , Facebook Baby and Corporate pages fans, and more than 17, Twitter followers.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the financial company. For the method of trading, see electronic trading. Securities and Exchange Commission. Retrieved February 19, Retrieved February 4, May 21, — via PRNewswire.

The New York Times. San Francisco Business Times. Retrieved July 5, November 29, — via Securities and Exchange Commission. November 9, — via Business Wire. Layton Chief Executive Officer" Press release. March 3, — via Business Wire.

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