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Which I want to do. How can i withdraw the same now. Banco Mercantil Del Norte, S.


Important Note: Content Outdated. Please Refer to my latest review here: HDFC Regalia Review HDFC Regalia Credit Card is one of the Super premium credit cards issued by the bank which holds a prestigious status.

When I asked the same question to the bank they asked me which one I want in regalia. That means , they are ready to give either regalia visa or regalia master card. Am confused and please help to choose the right one.

Hi Siddharth , If you had ano option between regalia and infinia which one should you choose? I want to know that best top premium credit card for NRI. My requirement is mainly for International Airport Lounge Access.

Please note that my NRI account is with other bank. I have a few questions on Regalia. If given an option, which one is better generally? Can my son 6 yrs accompany me free into the lounge if I hold a regalia? Is it possible for upgrade from Regalia to Infinia life time free? I hold a regalia already. In simple terms, what are the benefits of having a Taj Epicure membership? Yes, MC is better, mainly for its bigger lounge network. No, try to have some other card with lounge access.

Some lounges allow kids though. I really appreciate your detailed revied which no other websites offer. In fact other websites are clueless about these benifits. I would like to know what it the min eligibility for a Regalia and Diners black. I have heard for a Black u need to have 25 lacs and above ITR. I have also heard that card can be upgraded by showing high credit limit on other bank card that one holds.

Kush, Eligibility differs from person to person. More relationship value with bank is easiest way to get one. Hi Siddharth, I have moneyback card as of now. I redeemed all the points last week around 16K points.

I got cashback on my card outstanding balance. I have been offered free upgrade to Regalia via my relationship manager. She confirmed that no charges would be leived on that card.

On which parameters regalia is better? I pay mostly thru CC, including online and offline payments on an average K every month. Prashant, Moneyback card gives 0. I have few a doubts hope you will clear. He has around points in his card. Can i book hotel room for me, I mean for a journey where my father is not accompanying me using his points. Which one do you suggest I take? Fly out of India once a year and within india probably 5 times a year.

Thats my only major expenses. What is Life Time Free means? Is there no charge while renewal or application for credit card? Honestly speaking that i am not ready to pay any charge to hold credit card. Hi Siddharth, that was a good exhaustive review.

I am struggling with a peculiar problem and I guess you are the right person to address it. Both offer pretty similar benefits. My main purpose is to accumulate points to eventually buy flight tickets or upgrade to Business class. Also free lounge access. Can you figure out which card of the two is better in that purpose or a mix of two? Aalok, With Diners, enjoy the 10x rewards with partner brands. For everything else you can use regalia.

Siddharth even i have many points, pls suggest where to redeem so many points in such short duration. There is a possibility for new card to be launched. The add on card member is also eligible for a Priority Pass membership. The Primary card holder and the add on member can jointly have 12 free access to the Priority Pass lounges every year.

I find the Regalia redemption process quite confusing. So far I was redeeming points earned on my Regalia card only through the Catalogue. After reading information shared by you, I tried to explore redemption through the Regalia website. I have the following queries: I generated a voucher code for my leftover points I didnt have many because I used most of my points for Nike vouchers off the catalogue before discovering this website.

Got a voucher code of Rs. Instead they ask for the card type. Apparently mobile recharges are only applicable for pre-paid numbers. Am very sure most people using a Regalia card would be using a post-paid connection! Is there any way of using my voucher code of Rs. Vishal, Voucher has to be applied only on last step. HDFC will be launching two new cards soon…. So all in all regalia should retain premium status.

Hi Siddharth I am gonna apply for my first credit card. I read about the whole story on how things workout. I found out that I am eligible for regalia. Most of my expenses will be shopping, fuel, movies, etc. When is it expected? Thank you in advance. First, it depends on your eligibility. Regalia is given on high IT papers generally. So you can always start with basic variants and then move to premium ones. But any idea when the new card from HDFC will launch?

Or any other alternative for Regalia, considering the devaluation? It was recently reviewed, check out. Looks like they are undervaluing the reward points from 0.

I know I will loose out on few international lounge access, but considering the 10x and 0. Hi Siddharth, First of all, thank you for sharing your experiences and insights. Recently, I have upgraded my card to Regalia from MoneyBack card. I have some points to get clarified: So, if the money is added to Payzapp wallet, then would that be considered as a transaction to gain 5X reward points?

You have to ask HDFC via email. They took about 1 week to reply me on similar query. Any source for validity until Oct? Recently hdfc guy has asked me to upgrade my hdfc diners premium to hdfc regalia first.

HDFC regalia first is a new card introduced. Depends on your needs. Dear Sidarth, I am frequent international travellor almost 2 tripes every month. Will regalia suit me?

I am looking for a card which has 0 annual and renewal free, where my SB account is with citibank. I had applied for upgrade to Regalia from Allmiles card based on limit: Got my card yesterday with 3 year priority pass card giving 12 yearly access. In terms of value i believe this card is the best in market. Priority pass, taj membership, Vistara Silver tier, insurance. I have been using this card for last 4 years. Started with 2l limit. Sryy the linit is 4.

Prashant when you tried to upgrade to Regalia did they asked for your income documents also? No it was based on my existing card as i had a limit of 4. What is the best possible way to use reward points at Amazon or any other online shopping website. Or is there a way to get money back in order to redeem the reward points?

There are multiple devaluations. You have to check how much is the point value on both now and after Nov 1st to decide on this. I recently received a regalia credit card along with the priority pass card. Now that I want to access a domestic airport lounge and wish to take my wife along with me.

Is it possible that we both avail FREE lounge access , with me showing my credit card and my wife showing the priority pass card? Anyway good to know that my wife can access the lounge too using my priority pass card. I saw that option too.. HDFC said I will earn 4 reward points on spend on regalia and 2 on platinum edge…..

Regalia is always the best compared to platinum edge. So convert and use the points as soon as possible. Say if I generate now and use it against some bookings after 1st November , will the value remain at Rs. I am asking you these coz the regalia customer care seems useless and you have so far been a great help to me. Value changes as per their terms. But once voucher is created, it may not. I have been referring to it for quite a while for all of my CC decisions and find it extremely handy.

Thanx in advance, Ravi K. Ravi, Thanks for the feedback and i do Get your Point. Such articles are already in pipeline. However when they called for verification they said i would be given Regalia first card.

Can you please let me know the difference between Regalia and Regalia first cards? Should i change my decision? Thanks a lot in advance. Only condition is that you have to do some transaction approx rs on Payzapp. I applied for the card and got Regalia, yesterday. Now when I checked in customer care they say there is no such offer and there is annual fee of INR I have registered a complaint. I am planning to cancel the card. What was written on that. Now I have 2 priority passes one from All miles and on efrom Regalia, however my wife still has not got her priority pass and we are travelling in 3 days.

So can you shed some light on what is the check process of the priority pass- DO they match the name withe passport at international lounge? Else, I was hoping maybe we can use my 2 cards one for me and one for my wife. Alternatively I also have my brothers priority pass and can use that for my wife too.

Give your other PP card to wife and ask to swipe. I have regalia card. I would like to apply for addon card as it provides pp now. However, bank people asking for customer id of my wife. She is not Hdfc customer. How can can I get add-on card for her now? My father is Hdfc customer. Can I give my father customer id and my wife name to get add-on card? I have regalia First card. If I get ad on card then will I get 2 free lounge access per quarter on ad on card also?

Is point value changed for regalia first to 0. Hdfc website suggests to be 0. Pls let me know if you have more info on this. I have a life time free Regalia card. If I apply for an add-on card for my wife, will it also come life-time free by default?

Do I have to apply for the PP card separately? Will the lounge accesses, credit limit etc. Could I avail visa blockbuster movie offer on the add-on card as well? Shared with main card 3. Just the name differs. Just send them the nominee details using the form you received with the kit.

I asked them once and got no response. Just wanted to know, if the add-on cards can be used for online spends, and whether the point accumulated for these will be added to the primary card points, or is it separate for all 3? Also, I hope I will be getting Priority Pass with each of these cards. Can I use the add on cards as well as Priority Passes for Lounge access simultaneously…effectively meaning access for 6 people of my family at the same time in a lounge? No, Add-on cards are almost same cards just with different name on it.

It is mentioned in the letter that priority pass is only for primary holder. Can you please confirm at your end? What shall I do if that is not the case? Is it valid for free longue access? So we can use priority pass only for international longue access, as it is limited upto 12 only. Arjun, It depends on your usage history, dealing with bank and lot factors. Yes, they can do so if your income supports. Are the 12 free international lounge accesses on the regalia via priority pass per calendar year or per year that you hold the card?

As in, I got my regalia in Oct and want to know whether the validity of 12 is for or for Oct Sep , then Oct Sep etc. Or is it for calendar year , etc. I just received my regalia card today issued on 9-Dec The parcel contains booklets which offers complementary Taj Epicure Plus membership.

They also mentioned to me about this benefit before I applied for the card. However their website mentions that new cardholders starting 1-Dec are not eligible for the same. It is bit disappointing to know they have withdrawn benefit without any notice. Hope they add similar alternate benefit to compensate for the same. The customer care also have no idea about where the voucher can be used, as it credit card team sends you the voucher. I want to use the voucher for online shopping on Amazon or Flipkart or Snapdeal..

Regalia points fraud… Can you notice this reward point adjustment criteria of regalia… I had reward points in oct and earned Siddharth, any idea how I can change the email ID and phone number for my credit card soon enough? I have filled up the form and put that in the drop box of HDFC as was instructed by the customer care executive, but am yet to receive any update on that. Has been more than a week. HI I did not get any priority pass for the add on credit card with Regalia First card.

I have priority pass with the original card, so can another person get lounge access with me using the add on card and i swipe priority pass twice. Its already discussed in detail. Can I get this card without having a savings account with them?

If yes, will it help to disclose my card type and limit from a different bank? If no, can I get this card against an FD and of what value? They have revoked the Taj Membership previously available on Regalia starting 1st Dec; and I got my card on 3rd.

Seems they are hell bent on devaluing regalia, first reward points redemption, now this…. Now they have withdrawn Taj Epicure Plus Membership from Regalia as well — this card is rapidly going down the drain.

I want to check how may lounge access i have utilized and how many are remaining. How can i check. Can you provide me any link or contact number to know the count of lounges utilized. My queries, how good is the regalia website to book films and flights?

Hi Siddharth, very nice site,,, great info man…. I am being offered a regalia card by a sales rep. I want to ask whether they will give me in writing that its LTF??? Any other good comparable card recommendation thats LTF. Dear Siddartha, today i got a call from hdfc and they offered me only Regalia and totally declined Diners black. For the rewards etc visit their website or read the first post here.

My annual spend is around lakhs. Thus, was keen to upgrade to Amex Jet Airways Card. Looking for a good travel card. Hey Siddharth, I need some info. I can dine in at lounges alone or with friends n family too? What are the annual charges of Regalia and any hidden charges? Hdfc Regalia is better or SBI signature?

About lounges, check out the priority pass links in the article. Generally, only one per card allowed. Why not have both? Got regalia today, the credit limit is a abysmal 3lacs only. Within 2 hours, got the call and they were ready to collect the documents same day. Since i was busy, i have asked to collect the documents on Monday Jan2 Jan 2 Mon — Documents collected Jan 2 — Got the confirmation call from the person with whom i spoke on Dec 30 in the evening, asking for Name, email etc.

Jan 3 Tue — Got the Verification call Jan 4 Wed — Application number shared and Got the message Card is approved in principle Jan 5 Thu - Text message delivered asking to do Digital verification Jan 9 Mon — Got the message card has been approved and willl be delivered in 3 days Jan 10 Tue — Card has been delivered at the evening.

Within a week, i got the card. Very good experience from HDFC. In the past 5 years, no one from ICICI bothered to call me rarely i used to get CC upgrade calls which i politely refused and i have visited branch only once. If we have two HDFC cards lets say, Regila and Diners Premium, Will there be distinction between the points earned in both the cards and will it be shown separately in the portal? Given the redemption rate is different. Can we have 2 cards from the same bank? I already have a regalia and wanted a Diners Club black.

Separately, I am also told that my inhand income for Diners club black should be 1. They are ready to offer me Diners club premium , but with the recent reduction in the rewards, is it any lucrative? Congrats on getting your card. My question is you applied in Diners website to get the Regila Card? This is my first HDFC card. They were ready to provide Diners black.

But for LTF, they asked me wait for days to get back. Also, as per my conversation with CC rep, there is no dedicated CC representatives for issuing Diners. Even if you register in HDFC Diners website for call back, still you can ask them for regalia or any other cards.

In regalia, except Fuel, all other transactions eg: I wonder whom i must mail to get a list of my priority pass nos? Today I noticed on HDFC website, that they have reduced complimentary visits on priority pass for Regalia members from 12 to 6. Any idea what will be impact for this on existing card holders?

That seems to be true for the existing card holders too. Below is the content of the email. Dear Hari Krishna, As part of our elite circle, you enjoy world-class privileges and great saving opportunities. Benefits Annual Savings Rs. Hi Siddharth, I am eligible for a Regalia credit card. I have a diners premium card for about 6 months now and my average card usage is 30kk pm. My wife is a home maker and does not have any card. I want to get a card for here that will allow her international lounge access.

Can you please advice. If someone has Regalia card they have total of 20 free access to the Lounge? I have 20K reward points in All Miles Cards. Not frequent flyer Domestic as well as International. No using for dining purpose. HDFC Catalogue is also redeeming the points at very low value against the items.

Citi cash back Card is is good asit automatically settle the reward points in bill cycles. Its good to stop them. There are good number of cards available which you can go for… But you need to understand, except some Super Premium cards all the cards come with one feature.. Could you explain what is card on card means? How can I use that concept while applying new credit card? Which banks allow this concept? In this case they dont evaluate income criteria and consider your application on basis of your existing card.

Higher is the variant, higher is the credit limit expected on your existing card for card on card variant. I used Regalia to fill petrol worth Below are the charges, transaction — Hi Sidharth, My compliments on an excellent post. I already have a Citibank Premier Miles Card Visa for the past 5 years and recently got my Regalia Mastercard , purely after reading your excellent review. Which of them is better for accumulating Air miles? Thanks in anticipation Thomas.

Well, both cards are not for Airmiles. Nice review, HDFC has been devaluing this card over the last year. Is fuel surcharge waiver still applicable for Regalia? I will be travelling from chennai to bengaluru soon with my family.

Can u guide abt the charges applicable in chennai airport. You might need to pay for others. Hi, I know that we can make payment for credit card through net banking of any bank. Will hdfc reject the payment seeing third party has paid the bill?

Flight ticket rates on Regalia site are slightly higher than on clear trip site. Has anyone noticed that you dont get full suel surcharge waiver on Regalia. Minimum transaction of INR If we cannot use priority pass in domestic lounges then how can they claim complementary lounge access? Can we use the Regalia credit card to get free access to domestic lounges? If yes, what is the limit per quarter?

Im new to Regalia card, can the points accumulated on this card be used to pay the credit card bill? Hi Siddharth, Does the airport lounge access is allowed only when we book air tickets to travel?

Hello All, just to give clarity that it will be considered as International. I applied to the Reaglia card last week. Today I got a link in my mobile asking me to follow the instructions to verify my digital identity. Is this a standard procedure now? Hi, I read your blog with interest. I have now been offered the Infinia with the first year Joining charges waived. But I will be charged Rs 10, annual charges from next year Unless I have an annual spend of Rs , which unlikely.

Applied for regalia first for my wife. She already has SBI card with 1. How to return the card. Any free alternatives for card with complimentary domestic lounge passes 4 in a year is sufficient Salary is 65Kpm. Hi Do we need a pin for PP while swiping it at lounge??

And is domestic lounge access free as per new rules? I have Regalia World. Shall I start using the card for shopping? HDFC regalia website introduced entertainment section newly. But we can not use rewards for booking in entertainment section.

Confirmed with customer care. This section contains events other than movies. It seems that now for voucher generation there is a fees of 75 rs.

Are you aware of this? I am having Money back credit card, just took a 3 months loan on it. Can I upgrade my card this month to Regalia and get loan transferred to the new card. The purpose of askign teh question is that I have few international travels coming up 2 months from now, wanted to use Priority Pass and Low Markup advantages. When I redeemed order from my earned rewards they charged 90RS. What kind of service is this? Hi I upgraded my jet privilege to hdfc regalia. I completed four transactions also.

Can we get this card based on a credit card from another bank? Whats the minimum credit limit required on other banks credit card to get this credit card LTF??? My salary on papers is Do you think I should apply for Regalia.

I have been rejected for SBI Platinum credit card in 2 times, even though I had a car loan account with them, which is closed this May. If I want a good credit card with good cashback on online purchaseslike amazon,retail,dining and travel which would be suitable for me? I have around 1. It would be great if you can help me out.

I use my current card for almost every expense made per month to get reward points. Also, as per your other review, Regalia is going to be devalued. Should I wait for some other card? Is there a better option for me? Has anyone used samsung pay? Saw its offering 5x on most hdfc credit cards till 30 june. Other card offers too were there. Samsung pay please review sid. I am having an all miles card for the past 1. Customer care is unable to upgrade also tried dropping the upgrade form but it it also got rejected.

Apul Agarwal sorry to hear that. I also had All Miles miles with 1. I have few questions as I am also planning to upgrade it to Regalia in September. How much limit you had in All Miles? How much annual income you have? They have not upgraded your card but have they increased the credit limit? Do you have any other relation with HDFC besides credit card?

In All miles I had a limit of 1. Annual income- approx 10 lakh 3. Yes they increased the limit 4. For people who do not meet the income criteria, HDFC upgrades to regalia only if you have a minimum credit limit of 3 lacs on your hdfc credit card.

Just shoot a mail to the HDFC credit card division and they will upgrade you to original regalia even if you dont have offer on your credit card. Regalia would be difficult at that income, they have explicitly mentioned now 1. So what is the new limit of your All Miles? ALSO, the card limit depends on your credit bureau reports. Air accident compensation of Rs. Have not received any reply since 2 weeks. Does anybody have it?

Or has anybody availed of the Emergency Hospitalisation Benefit of Regalia Card which is now decreased to 12 lakh from 15 lakh previously?

Seems like HDFC has this policy integrated within card without any policy no when i digged it last time. But then no one in bank knows any further detail on that. Cheating and absolutly poor and harrasing services by HDFC. They keep on deducting amounts every month and even if you notice and ask them to stop bogus transactions, their cuctomer care will give you some bloody policy explanation and will never address the real cause.

At the end of day you will feel cheated and exhausted. These people should be dragged to court of justice and should be kicked out of country. What an idea Sir ji! One thing is for sure, the customer care is useless. But, they have assigned me an RM who is very nice and resolves all my queries instantly. I Own this card, now the reward points structure changed to 0. Is there any other card which I can get more that Regalia.

Team, Can some one tell me how to convert the RP to air miles? Can some one pls help?? First you need to register for airlines ff program. Last month, i redeemed my reward points to recharge my mobiles. I have point on my All Miles card and upgrading to Regalia First Do you have any idea, how many points will actually get transferred to Regalia First?

I have a hdfc business money back platinum card and I am a jet airways blue plus frequent flier with a few miles in it. Can i apply PP for all these cards or only 2 is enough. First, they devalued the RP to 0. Second, they took away the whole Taj Inner Circle thing, so even more pointless. All these things make me feel as though Regalia is now losing the plot. What use can we really make of concierge services? Are they really if any use?

Nothing else…is that of any use? I just received Regalia Card, I am a frequent flier, and used many lounges in the past. Click on " Contact Us " and send us an email, or call us on , Business hours Have a question about how much foreign currency you can carry? Wondering what happens if you lose your card?

Should you only take cash or is carrying a prepaid forex card the best way to go. Get the answers to some commonly asked questions about foreign exchange. Know before you go! Our Prepaid Multi-Currency Cards are a safe and convenient way to carry your money when travelling overseas. Plus, you can lock in your exchange rate ahead of time so that you know exactly what you are getting for your money. Not only do these cards help you travel smarter but also eliminate the hassle of keeping track of your expenditure.

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