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Is this the secret of the universe or the predictability of true market movement?

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Phil Newton is a full time Trader and Traders coach and is well known in the trading community. Since he has been conducting Live Trading & Training and has helped many thousands of traders start and develop themselves as serious Traders.. Phil started trading when he was eighteen and is self taught, innovative trader.

There are a lot of pings on the Rebel Trader radar this week as many situations in-flow and rattling around as Sean and Andrew break it down Then listen in as the Rebel Traders break it down Get a Bigger Basket.

The Rebel Traders are going to show why you need a bigger basket and how you can optimize your trading with a smarter portfolio of stocks The Elephant in the Room. Did you see that big grey thing with a big nose in the corner of the room? Well, the Rebel Traders and going to break with tradition and talk about that thing no-one wants to talk about…. In this weeks Happening Now we take a look at the recent major dip and speculate as to what is going on and why as well as diving in to Oil, Earnings, US Treasuries and more The Rebel Traders and sat down with their snipers picking of targets with pinpoint accuracy at a great distance in their portfolios and they are going to show you how in this weeks Podcast.

Theres a lot tickling the Rebel Trader radar this with continued volatility, China buying more debt, earnings reports and a dive in to commodities A State of Trading Zen. With the markets going crazy after tariff escalation and the Fed opening the books on its debt there is a heck of a lot to talk about in the Happening Now Report.

Fools and Fools that Follow. So who is the more foolish? The fool or the fool that follows? With the tariff's going in to effect and China striking back the Rebel Traders dive in to the huge moves yesterday and analyze what is going on.

With Jay Powell making his Federal Reserve debut and we cover the outcome along with insights in to the Budget Crisis 2. The Wizard of Trading Popular Delusions of a Technical Trader With the market jitters continuing and a change in face at the Fed the Rebel Traders take a look at what this could mean for your portfolio.

Check Your Biases at the Door Speculators reverse bets on agriculture products, shale production potentially adding volatility to crude oil markets, and recent uncertainty and volatility sends market participants looking for answers in technical analysis. Two Traders Walk into a Bar The Rebel Traders go off topic in this show and have a general discussion about trading, investing, the industry as a whole and what ever comes to their mind….

With much anticipation the trading world is eagerly waiting the CPI report for January but is it a real concern or another bunch of over-hype? Well, the Rebel Traders break it down In this Las Vegas special, Sean is in the city of sin at a private mastermind and we take a look at both sides of the gambling world and how it parallels and diverges from trading and what this means for you as a retail traders.

We also take a look at the ramifications for the markets from the State of the Union and see if AI is killing Japanese banks. There is No Spoon Feel like it could be the Matrix and you need to be Neo to actually make sense of it all?

Do parts of your trading get lost in translation? Are they things that you you think should be based on your research that may not be quite what you think. Well, the Rebel Traders dive in and uncover some common trading misconceptions and course correc.

Not only that we look at the evolved TPP, the Application of Blockchain in a commodities firm and exami. The Four Horseman of the Trading Apocalypse. Do you hear it? The sound of hooves galloping across the markets and the four horsemen of the trading apocalypse ride. The Rebel Traders stand firm and show you how you can outfox, outrun and outmaneuver many scenarios that could wipe out your portfolio. Global events, analysis from the top minds at Trade Canyon who have their finger on the pulse and are ready to help you get the edge of a Rebel Tra.

Well, unknown to most it is packed full of Trading wisdom and insights. Well, the Rebel Traders break it down and reveal the secrets packed in this cult favorite When Is a Signal not a Signal. What makes a signal a signal and what signals you should be looking for to get in or out of a trade? At the top of a new year we look east to Europe and the implementation of some HUGE regulations and we discuss the good, the bad and the ugly implications as well as a look to the oil futures, the cold snap and the minutes from the last FOMC meeting With a new year approaching and another year behind us, the Rebel Traders take stock of the last 12 months and discuss the opportunities, ideas and events that could shape for traders just like you As the year winds up Sean and Andrew look at the futures and commodities markets to see what is shaping up for the end with of the year with Copper, Gold, the Dollar and some opportunities to look out for in Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is through the roof then crashing, many alt-coins are a roller-coaster and all the champions and neigh-sayers are locked in an immortal battle for the future of finance. In this bonus episode, recorded as a supplement to RT27 and our Bitcoin special, we wanted to discuss what is happening with Bitcoin, Alt-Coins and the Crypto space in light of the panic selling and what to do Is it true that Madonna may have had a little trading message when she was telling us to express ourselves.

Ironically, yes, but not intentionally and in this weeks Rebel Traders show we show you what we mean Proactive or Reactive Trading. Do you always find yourself reacting to the news, gaps, rampant earnings or buying hype or selling hope? Then you may be one of the many traders that are reactive instead of proactive In this weeks bonus show, we look at the demand for Electric cars and the raw materials needed, the race to market for Bitcoin futures and the impact of the new tax bill on the markets Is this the secret of the universe or the predictability of true market movement?

Or is it just another one of those out of this world theories that traders love to talk about? One Rule to Trade Them All. Is it really possible to beat the market? Can a trader really and truly have an edge? Throw traders, investors and economists in a room and you will hear every argument. Well, the Rebel Traders cut through the noise and look at the facts and you decide.

This week they examine the role in the markets of the "Big 4" that are key players in the major indicies and how big moves from. Is it time to break out the lab coats or the large pins and funky dolls?

The Rebel Traders dive in to the world of Technical Analysis and see who-do the voodoo better than they do so well As Sean sits with carrot and a map in his hands and Phil tries to sneaks up on the "Wascaly Wabbit" - The Rebel Traders tackle a twicky, erm, I mean tricky topic of tinkering with the philosophy of the strategies they use and what happens when you shou.

It is my mission is to provide you with the information and trading strategies, and mental ability you need to make better, well informed trading decisions maximising your business potential. Although I am biased, the site is excellent. I am sure that you will find many gems both on the main site and through out the forums. If you find it's not for you then I also appreciate that, as you need to find a strategy that's comfortable for you.

You will find hopefully an excellent resource for your learning and trading education, and what I consider most important of all is that such a small fee gesture keeps the site clear of the spoilers that seem to ruin most of the free sites and forums.

I try to provide a good safe environment for traders and I really do wish that you find what you are looking for here. Read more about Phil here. Trading Strategies is dedicated to developing your skills as a trader over the long term. Welcome guest, why not register to get access to more of the site? Recent posts Log In.

Announcements This site is currently inactive as I have decided to move away from exclusively trading Forex in and as such will not be taking on new coaching clients in this area.

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