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Jan 30,  · To be able to get the forex clients, you definitely have to understand how the markets work, so you will having a correct answer to educated your clients, in that case your client will start to learn how to trade in Resolved.

Other features a live market news stream to keep the trader update, although sometimes this features on the brokers website rather than on the platform, economic calendar of upcoming events, live support directly from the platform and the ability to trade from charts. Informations générales Forex Israël est un fournisseur de services spécialisé dans le change et offre des solutions innovantes tant pour les clients privés que pour les entreprises. Apart from all the above mentioned factors, check out if the broker that you are evaluating is offering additional value added services.

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Jan 14,  · Brokers which accept US Clients Broker Discussion. Hello YG Many thanks for the useful link. It is very helpful. For everyones benefit this is the list of top 10 brokers who accept US clients (possibly in the same order of preference)!!!! good to see so .

Margin requirements differ by currency pair and may be subject to change according to the underlying liquidity and volatility of the currency pair. For this reason the most liquid currency pairs the majors in most cases require a lower margin requirement. Saxo Bank offer tiered margin methodology as a mechanism to manage political and economic events that may lead to the market becoming volatile and changing rapidly.

For further explanation of the above methodology please click here. Margin requirements may be changed without prior notice. Saxo Bank reserves the right to increase margin requirements for large position sizes, including client portfolios considered to be of high risk.

If at any time whilst an FX position is open, the margin required to maintain that position exceeds the funds available on account, you are at risk of a stop-out. In the event that no action is taken Saxo may close some or all of the open positions in order to reduce exposure to an acceptable level. Le trading sur marge présente un niveau élevé de risques pour votre capital, vous pourriez en effet perdre plus que votre investissement initial.

Il ne convient pas à tous les investisseurs. Veuillez vous assurer de bien comprendre les risques inhérents et de demander conseil à un professionnel indépendant si nécessaire. Consultez notre Avertissement sur les risques. Voir la liste complète des exigences de marge et de négociations ici. Le Groupe Saxo, grâce à son solide réseau, est implanté dans le monde entier.

If you are from the US you can be quite puzzled by the amount of brokers that are offering the services throughout the world, but are still not present in the States. Even though the US is the major market for various goods and services, for some reason FX trading for individual investors is not so common. Before we move on any further, it is vital to state that Forex trading in the US is not prohibited.

However, the main difference lays in the variety of brokers a trader can choose from. There are a few reasons why the amount of FX brokers is very low, let's examine each of them below. When it comes to the brokers that operate in Europe, the regulatory environment is rather simple. Once a broker has obtained a license from one of the European regulators, it can easily accept traders from all EU countries. However, when it comes to the US, European licenses simply do not work.

The reason for this is quite simple - capital requirements. This amount of money only corresponds to a deposit that a broker has to make and does not include any legal fees associated with obtaining the licenses, employment of lawyers to be placed on the register and executives. In other words, the US market is an expensive market to operate on. Even though some brokers make profit enough to afford it, 20 million dollars is quite a large sum to allocate just for a license.

On average, the world's 15th largest broker would hardly earn 10 million USD in profit annually, hence allocating a profit of 2 years for the privilege to work in one country is an extremely serious investment.

The situation with capital requirements was quite different back in and at that time there were quite a few brokers that accepted US clients. However, today the amount of US friendly brokers is just less than five.

Now you may wonder, if there are only a few brokers in the US, why are more brokers not trying to penetrate the market?

There are over million people living in the US and it is quite hard to believe that there are no more brokers that could actually afford the NFA licensing. Well, the truth is that, although more brokers could deposit 20 million to operate, not every broker will find it profitable. As you know, FX brokers earn from the volume traded, hence the higher the trader's volume is, the more profit a broker makes.

However, unlike European countries where a trader has access to the leverage of This means that a broker can expect to receive some 10 times smaller profit in the US than in Europe, provided that it has the same amount of traders with the same amount of deposits in the two regions.

Furthermore, yet needless to say, wages in the US tend to be quite high, so the whole process of financing the US-based operations is not cheap at all. Even though it is already quite hard for some brokers to start operating legally in the US and then to become profitable, historically US authorities have also been seen as a hindrance.

Quite a few brokers have been heavily fined by the NFA for malpractice. While the impact of the reasons behind the fines could be quite insignificant, the fines tend to be heavy: In other words, a broker may spend a year working hard, and by the end of the year its profits or even more can be simply taken by the regulator as a result of certain misconduct. US traders have also been much more inclined to stock trading, this is why they often choose to acquire shares over currencies.

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