Forex 100 pips par jour

How to make pips per day pips per day might be sound intimidating but in reality, many traders are making more than pips in a single day. They simply use the Bollinger band indicator and 3 levels ZZ semafor indicator to make this impossible thing possible in each and every single day.

The upper band acts as the dynamic resistance level and lower band acts as the dynamic support for the price. So if you trade only two pairs then you are getting possible 6 entry in the market. They enter the market with a tight 30 pip stop loss for a potential reward of 65 pips. In the above figure, the dynamic support and resistance level of the price is identified by the Bollinger band.

Jul 29,  · Analyse technique du Forex; Quelles paires déplacent pips par jour? Rsultats de 1 3 sur 3 S'il vous plaît, quelqu'un sait quelle paire se déplace plus de pips par jour? En tant que débutant, vous devriez avoir fait des recherches. Le commerce nécessite des connaissances et des compétences spécifiques.

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