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Online Business and eCommerce Explore the pros and cons of buying and selling online. Let me know if there is something I can do to assist you with your business. If you want more in depth information about color, check out the International Association of Color Consultants website http: I always knew I was the playful type, but the orange, gray and white we use was more of an artistic statement.

Thanks God it worked! Thanks for your comments! Then for ads I use red. I always get comments on how calm and busines-like my website is. Now I just need to fix my blog css and maybe get a new header. I took the color quiz. Funny thing about the result Sun Kissed. It contains the basic colors of your site red, black, light yellow — inviting colors. Is that the reason why you used the colors on your site?

Still learning more about colors and other stuff. Hmmm… a good question! I would try to make it a bit more balanced. And try to do a bit of testing to find the best solution…. The lady seems to suggest that colour is culturally defined. So if you were making a site for a Chinese client you would need a different colour scheme than if you made on for an American client. Culturally, colours carry different significances.

In case of restaurants use red table cloths and accessories so that people dont spent longer time. While using light shades of blue green and even white too, which makes customers sit for long, In turn reducing the sales.

Jail cells painted pink to stop repeat offenders. Thanks for putting this together! Thanks for your thoughts on branding and colors, and how that all relates back to website design. I thought the pie chart of color representations was a bit off… At least in Puerto Rico, we have a different meanign for the color blue.

I studied color for a while as a hobby, and have known it to be very useful in our personal and professional lives. Color determines our mood. It can also make or break a sale! However, there are so many different shades of each; I wonder if they all have the same effect or it differs from shade to shade?

I prefer rich saturated shades to pastels so it really is very subjective regardless of what the experts say. I do like your use of ivory here as opposed to white. Be interesting to see a study on how people choose the colors for their sites, right brain vs left balanced with market, type of business, maybe?

Thanks for an illuminating topic and discussion! Great post about color and branding! Choice of color can be very important in corporate identity branding. The mind has so many associations with different colors, you must pinpoint exactly what your target is going to respond to.

I read your blog about the color branding, it was very interesting. I did not notice in your blog you mentioning about why in particularly eyes will choose that color. I have an explanation for that, Blue is the shortest wavelength, which is highly absorbed by human eye and its not therefore acceptable by mind, immediately they seek for next longest wavelength Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Red has the highest wavelength, it is easily accepted by human eye, so its more attractive and easily understandable by brain.

Website design determines the first impressions that are hard to conquer […]. With calls to action everything is important: It resulted in a discussion over at SU where I […]. This will appeal both to your niche and non-niche friends. I for one try to offer some fun […]. They took the iconic shade of red from their local school and put […]. It gives you quite […]. One of my most successful posts on color branding, has been copied multiple times.

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