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Aug 02,  · Les services de signaux de trading font quasiment tout ce que font les robots, à l'exception de l'exécution des trades. En utilisant un programme automatisé, comme Mt4, un trader «professionnel» peut générer des signaux de .

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Types de Forex MT4 indicateurs avec succès Forex Traders Fiez-vous; Options binaires. Options Binaires Indicateurs; CCI-EMA Divergence swing Forex Trading Stratégie Posté sur par Tim Morris dans stratégies Forex, Stratégies Swing trading Forex avec 0 commentaires. Partager sur Facebook Partager.

But you can not double the capital only with the fundamental news. Hedge funds interested to double, triple or more the capital. So what do hedge funds or banks? Plato Monday, 08 February Let me introduce myself.

Member of Barclay Hedge and always searching for interesting retail thoughts, psychological approaches plus mindsets. Thank you for that but it is total bs. In above case i must confess; Davis is correct on that one. I would like to know; you are Jarratt Davis?

If so, nice to meet you here and lots of respect towards Smile investment. To Peter, i almost think you are promoting this kind of strategy. And please keep thinking that indicators or technical approaches do predict the NFP. That way we all get banked by the retailers: Please use your mind on that one and think it over. I could pass those comments and let the most of you crash and burn but that would be to harsch.

I'm honest and share some very valuable info here. Learn some fundamentals and you will see that you start to know why a movement was made and most important; where is the market heading to! Simple facts to buy the dips. It stood at 1. Those where gifts from the central banks if you trade like a professional fundamentals. The only thing you have to do next is to pinpoint where the most retail traders get in or set their SL. I think i gave very very much detail and info for free. Most bankers do not like to tell these kind of things to anyone who isn't consistently profitable so most retail traders.

Peter Sunday, 07 February Hello Davis, I disagree with on that statement that "No technical system is able to predict a fundamental outcome". In fact, what the outcome of a fundamental would be, it's already predicted on your chart if you could read chart very well, I mean, if you understand the language of chart.

I cannot count many instances that my chart formations have been able to predict the outcome of fundamental. On the signals being generated by the system, it is only a novice that will take signals generated by systems like this blindly without a thorough analysis of such signal. In all I still find this system interesting. There is no Holy Grail system, your eyes are the holy grail you can ever have. Davis Saturday, 06 February No technical system is able to predict a fundamental outcome.

If you think so, you are way off of becoming successful one day. I think most of the traders did knew what the friday NFP should be, based on the votes.

And this system is nothing else than a moving average. See the mql coding. As someone said before: Well, not only in ranging markets if i apply the strategy rules. Peter Friday, 05 February This system has proven its reliability in the face of high impact news like NFP.

Earlier in the day it generated sell signal on the Daily chart, although targets were not hit so also SLs were not hit. And trade direction is still intact. Bai Friday, 05 February The signal confirms selling opportunity, on NFP Friday!! Let's how reliable its signal is in the face of High impact news!!! Frank Friday, 05 February Bai Thursday, 04 February Tested it in strategy tester on H4, D1, WK but are all not profitable on the 6 majors.

Peter Thursday, 04 February Our main objective is for you to become a lifetime member of our company, therefore we strive to produce and send out only our most effective signals. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site, please refer this site to a friend or family member.

Powered by CMS Forex. All investing involves risk therefore the use of a stop loss is recommended. Our main goal is to be able to send real time trading signals to all our subscribers, however we cannot guarantee timely signals if you use email only.

We will not be liable for any trading losses due to missed signals or bad judgment. We reserve the right to cancel any subscription at any time to protect ourselves.

Trading the forex market carries great risk and may not be suitable for all investors. It is possible that you might sustain a loss of some or all of your original investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

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