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Our address is Gorham Place please call Art to set up appointment.

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Balikbayan box best cargo forwarder in Ohio. LBC is the one and only king of shipping boxes door to door to the Philippines first established in the s. Don't fall for cheap fly by night companies that provide inferior service. What are some of the differences only LBC employees handle your box from start to finish never a third-party.

This ensures that your boxes will be delivered to the door of your loved one safely. Only LBC has over branches nationwide throughout the Philippines including the far provinces. Because of the huge volume of boxes that LBC ships boxes are transported from ports to these branches quickly then distributed to customers. The lack of volume many smaller companies have results in boxes sitting at ports waiting until enough boxes are gathered to eventually get delivered adding many additional months for delivery and create an opportunity for tampering.

Worry no more we can get the job done whether you're sending one box or Call our office at Richard. Click this link to visit our homepage. We charge a flat rate to ship a large box size 17 x 18 x 28" with unlimited weight. This method of shipping costs a fraction of what the large USA shipping companies will charge you.

You can also make custom size boxes to fit your needs. In the picture below we are picking up boxes from one of our happy customers near Toledo Ohio. Every day we help missionaries, service men, expats and many others move to the Philippines.

If you have 1 box or 50 we can get the job done call to ask questions about our service Richard. If your boxes are ready to be shipped call Art for local pick up in the Toledo area. Link to our home page. We have a LBC box shipment scheduled for Oct 8. LBC has over branches across the Philippines and worldwide to give you unparalleled service. LBC is a trusted household name in the Philippines your boxes are only handled and delivered by professional LBC employees never third-parties.

Don't be fooled by low priced risky box shippers many customers report delivery time's for these companies taking up to four, five even six months for delivery. Many complain that boxes are not delivered at all or that boxes have been open with items missing these are the facts. If you have acquired shipping boxes from other shipping companies don't worry we except all competitors boxes.

To ship boxes call our office to talk to Richard with questions We want to thank all of our customers for the tremendous response we have received from the community. We thank Robert for his 5 boxes his father is moving to the Philippines and will be sending a total of 20 boxes. Yes we cost a little bit more than all the small companies that have started up in the last few years but I guarantee you it is well worth it we shipped faster and have the safety record to prove it.

LBC is the original balikbayan box shipping company started in the s with over branches worldwide. If I can be of any further service please call my office ask for Richard at We like to move it! Safe and secure LBC is the gold standard in the Balikbayan box shipping industry we deliver smiles to your love ones in the Philippines. Call our office for all shipping related questions ask for Richard When your boxes are ready to be picked up or dropped off call Art are local agent for service Click for our homepage.

Balikibayan Box News Toledo Ohio we except all competitors boxes because you deserve better. Balikbayan Box News Toledo, Ohio recently we have seen a large increase in competitor boxes. Many have expressed remorse because they tried to save a small amount of money only to discover that the service in many cases took four to six months for delivery many have complained their boxes were not delivered or had items missing.

These small companies do not have the branch offices in far provinces to safely store and deliver balikbayan boxes. In many cases their boxes are delivered by third-party non employees. For service in Ohio call our office Richard. If you have boxes ready to ship call Art are local pickup driver.

Homepage link click here. Today, LBC offers the Best Balikbayan Box service and the widest domestic coverage with over 1, strategically located branches nationwide. LBC continuous to see aggressive growth. Today, you'll find us all over North America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe and Oceania, establishing more than 3, branches and affiliations worldwide.

Call our office Richard. We can help you get your donations to the Philippines. Welcome to LBC express Toledo we want to thank the community for your continued support we have been able to ship an additional 10 boxes of school supplies and books to local schools In the hard hit areas by typhoons in the Philippines. We work with many organizations including Pastors from local churches here and abroad shipping books, etc.

You have boxes ready call our local pick up agent Art We have wonderful news for schools throughout the Philippines particularly in areas hit hardest by Typhoon Halyan.

This project collected and sent books to preschool through 6th grade libraries throughout the Philippines. Each club in the district built at least one little free library box and it installed it visible in their community for book collection. Book collection started March 1, and were collected through May 4 the books were meticulously chosen for quality and content by volunteers, each box shipped contain roughly books.

We shipped a total of 53 boxes for the Rotary Club project. For shipping info please call are main LBC office Richard When your boxes are ready to be picked up call Art to make arrangements Congratulations to our two lucky free Balikbayan Box shipping winners at the Fil-Am summer party fundraiser. Are you looking for a safe and fordable way to ship large quantities of donations to the Philippines such as books, clothing, housewares, food and much more we have the solution.

If you have boxes ready to be shipped call Art for free local pick up service https: We have Large boxes 17"x18"x28" that ship with unlimited weight. LBC is oldest most trusted Balikbayan Box shipper in the world. One step closer to your package! Click on a Branch to see its details. Reymond Gannaban Crossing Parao Brgy. Naisud Ibajay Aklan Contact no.

Pick-up points in town proper only. Taculing Bacolod City Contact no. Critical Areas- Must have contact no. Areas for One on One- Must have contact no. Jasmine Balberia Ting Apart. Door 7A, Brgy Baan Km.

Must have contact no. Monica Del Carmen Socorro Gen. Maguikay Mandaue City Cebu Contact no. Areas without door to door delivery: Island in Cebu- Must have contact no. Not door to door - Must have contact no. Sapangila 57 Rizal St. Lapaz, Iloilo City Contact no. Island of Eastern Samar- Must have contact no. Balikbayan Boxes Our Cargo has over 16 years of experience in the Balikbayan industry. About A breif history of our company.

July Milestones achieved. Be Part Of Our Story! Details Click on one of the following for more information. Prices All Pricing Details. Order a Box Today! Please Enter your details and someone will get back to you to confirm your order. Collection of Balikbayan boxes Delivery of empty Balikbayan boxes.

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