Forex price action scalping un regard approfondi dans le domaine du collage professionnel

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Scalp with Bullish engulfments and Bearish engulfments

Toto le Heros Thanks Nicolas. I read somewhere that in the calculation, we should round the value of the A Francesco78 7 months ago. Please, describe the algorithm in words.

I want to understand how it works, but for now Leo 7 months ago. As long as this conditi Nicolas 8 months ago. Renko Bricks with Volumes renko scalping volume volumes. Real Pro working now, sorry for the bother. Avez-vous une idée de comment créer une strat Nicolas Je pense que ça a déjà été codé quelque part sur le forum.

Dans la négative merci d'ouvrir u Francesco78 8 months ago. JanWd You might try to use this strategy for platinum, looks good for the short run.

PaulFM Hi Francesco, nice strategy. Do you know if there are any members on this site that sell pro ALE Hello Paul, please visit my website: ALE 10 months ago. ALE We can discuss about the strategy here: Nicolas 11 months ago.

Scalping index indicator day trading index scalping signals stochastic trading signals. Forex Methods That Work Forex is known for taken eager traders, chewing them up and spitting them out. Hopefully, this article will save you from being another meal for the sharks that circle the deadly seas of Forex. Forex is a competition, it is a zero sum game, someone has to lose money for you to get paid, normally, it is the new traders who are the losers.

The big winners are the global banks who run super computers and who have mathematicians from Ivy League schools on their staff. The average trader doesn't have any advantage in the competitive world of Forex.

Since we do not have an advantage in Forex, we should do everything not to give any more of an advantage to the professional traders.

There are several ways that new traders spew money. The first way they spew money is by not having a money management strategy. All you trades should be of the same size and you should never try to make up losses by trading bigger, that is what losers do. Don't be a loser. Losing trader also give more edge to the professionals when they trade to often. Over trading is a reason why many new and experienced traders lose money. Do not trade just for fun, Forex trading is not a game, and it shouldn't be used for entertainment.

Treat Forex like a business and not a money making hobby. Another way that new traders hand over their money to the professional is by not having a trading plan. With what could be viewed as a biased mindset of the AMF towards the business of forex, many forex firms would not waste their time and efforts to try to get licensed in France, but would rather move to places like the UK, Cyprus and Germany where they would more easily get their business registered.

Forex traders in France will therefore have to seek other options abroad with licensed companies. The maintenance of the blacklist by the AMF is not entirely a bad thing, as our review has shown that there are several forex brokers on that list which deserve to be there as a result of nebulous regulatory disclosures on their websites.

Going forward, the AMF would be better served by making known to traders in very clear terms, the reasoning behind the listing of some of the companies in the blacklist. It should not be left to traders to have to start combing the internet searching for reasons for the blacklisting of brokers.

Newbie traders do not have the knowledge or the experience to start sifting information as to why a broker is blacklisted or not. By making the reasons known to all, some contribution to knowledge can be made for the benefit of new traders, who can then tap into this resource when searching for brokers to do business with.

Such disclosure has the potential to save many traders from falling into the hands of these scam brokers. It is our opinion however, that the AMF should drop its hardline stance against forex trading as a whole, and focus instead on sanitizing the sector. We use the knife to draw an analogy in this regard. A knife is a tool. In the hands of a chef, a knife would be useful in cutting up ingredients which would make for great recipes.

In the hands of a killer, a knife is an agent of death. But would the approach be to throw the knife away simply because it can cause harm?

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