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At Merck, we are inspired by a shared vision and mission to save and improve lives.

Have a great day OP! A restricted stock unit RSU is a compensation issued by an employer to an employee in the form of company stock.

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And what happens when you decrease the page size? The letters get smaller. I tried to find the chapter on "eye strain" but the words were too small for me to read! It's ironic that a book published to assist people with health information may actually cause medical problems!

I'm sure the health information is sound and accurate. The edition I purchased was copyrighted in The covers are thin, though and the binding seems weak. I can deal with handling the book gently, but I wish the format was larger. My critique was for the small format and not the subject matter which I found informative and fascinating.

I rescind my previous rating and increase it to 4 stars for it's detailed , but not technical explanations. Also I found useful the chapters on child and adolescent development. One person found this helpful.

Information aplenty, format lacking, before you buy please note the size of this publication, a mere 4X7 inches and 3 inches thick. This book is difficult to manage and should be offered in a full size hardcover for those of us less nimble with the mighty page. I retired from this organization a while back.

Being a Pharmacist, I always admired "Merck" and even more so after I worked for them. The Home Edition is more easily understood by non-medical folks than the straight up "Merck Manual" my opinion. Same info pretty much but in lay folks terms.

Lots of great info on a plethora of topics. A must have for folks that do survival type activities. This reference book is easy to use and understand. When I first leaned of this home edition version of the Merck manual I was hesitant. Over the years many books have been published that are medical in nature, some published by doctors, but the content is watered down or so vague that a layperson doesn't derive much information from it.

Some books are actually condescending in attitude, some patronizing. So many books briefly skim symptoms and then caution to call a physician for more information.

Recently my son was diagnosed on the phone by our pediatrician with chicken pox and it was made clear that they did not want to see him for a physical exam. I was given a tiny bit of information by the office staff but was still curious for more information. I spent over an hour surfing the Internet looking for information but found watered down information, repeated many times over on multiple websites, including some written by physicians intended for laypeople to use.

I looked at my parenting books written by doctors one titled "The Portable Pediatrician", no less and was still lacking any substantial information. When I consulted the Merck Manual home edition, which I had forgotten I bought recently and had not yet used , I was surprised at the level of information given.

There are many details that I had not found elsewhere, such as number of days from exposure to outbreak, how long it takes the pox to change from first appearance to crusted over, about how long the infection lasts, and treatment suggestions. Reasons why some children have a mild outbreak vs. The information here is not dumbed down in that it is not so vague that it is not useful.

There is a lot of information here but it is written in a style for the layperson to understand. I appreciated the writing style, which presents information to the non-physician without putting on airs. Anyone who, like me, prefers to gather information and learn about things rather than making a call or office visit to their doctor to get just one opinion will appreciate owning this book.

At about pages it covers many illnesses and ailments. If you are interested in this book I suggest you buy it so that you have it at your fingertips 24 hours a day, for whatever may arise. I am not suggesting this take the place of a doctor, but I know from working with physicians that there are certain calls that are non-emergent in nature that are not appreciated when the office is closed! If you are looking for a book about children's ailments that encompasses not only western medicine but lists an array of other treatment methods, I suggest Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child: I found this to be an excellent companion to the Merck manual, home edition.

The Merck manual gives more information about the disease or ailment itself through a Western medicine viewpoint while the Zand's books' specialty is sharing treatment options grouped by category herbal, homeopathic, western, etc. The Merck Manual of Medical Information is a well organized and well-written book that clearly explains medical conditions.

The book is organized by chapters covering the major organ systems and their medical problems. You will also find a chapter discussing medications. If you are looking for a book that will help you understand medical conditions, you will find The Merck Manual of Medical Information a terrific addition to your home library. I had a pre-owned version of this and I am so glad I bought it!!

It's a very handy and informative book that contains definition, diagnosis, and treatment for a variety of medical anomalies. If you want to make sure that this is the manual that you need, I suggest you check out your public library first before purchasing. Plain english, very helpful. I am a healthcare professional, I gave this home edition to my son, who would call me on occassion trying to discribe a rash or condition over the phone, this helped him to communicate his symptoms better.

This book should be in every home. Informative information presented in a lay person understandable style and a bible of the health care business. More understandable than the Physicians Desk Reference for non medical personnel. See all reviews. See all customer images. Most recent customer reviews. Published 2 months ago. ETFs Up and Down. Letters to the Editor. The Real Estate Market. Quick links Horoscopes Puzzles Customer service My account. Article text size A.

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What every Canadian investor needs to know today Subscriber content September 26 Updated. A simple stock-picking strategy that has trounced the market year after year Subscriber content Norman Rothery September 19 Updated. Health care needs a place in your portfolio.

Through their prescription medicines, vaccines, biologic therapies and animal health products, they work with customers and operate the countries to deliver innovative health solutions.

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