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The Relative Strength Index is a momentum oscillator — that means it looks at how quickly a stock is gaining or losing price and tries to detect changes in the pace of the price change. The indicator assumes that as the price gain or loss slows, you may be approaching a turnaround. The RSI strategy is built to take advantage of oversold conditions.

The strategy paid off over the last five years, and particularly among the last two years — when this was the best-performing strategy of the 30 Thacker tested. One reason it works so well is that the strategy continues buying stock as conditions grow more oversold, so that it builds up a larger position when prices are down, according to Thacker. Of course, the RSI strategy has risks as well. Followers of this strategy buy into positions as stocks become oversold, anticipating a rebound. If the downtrend continues, traders following these types of strategies can expect occasional significant losses.

Traders can limit the impact of such occurrences by trading the strategy across multiple stocks, and by limiting the amount of trading capital devoted to such strategies.

Using the default settings, the Bandwagon Trade was highly unprofitable. After you enter the position, long or short, you immediately set an exit strategy using calculations built into the strategy.

The bandwagon strategy struggled during the five-year period, failing to deliver significant profits in either the down market of or the rally of Chris Clark, director at Fidelity, thinks the poor performance might be due to the reactive nature of the trading strategy.

If you use a strategy that ends up at the bottom, like the Bandwagon Trade, you might want to examine why. Review your previous trades to determine if using this strategy makes sense in the future.

Sometimes, a strategy that fails during one market cycle might shine in another. In addition, the next time someone tells you about a new trading strategy, you can verify the results. This blaring red flag convinced them to invest elsewhere. He says you can also use Wealth-Lab Pro to go back in history to test how well a strategy would have performed during similar market conditions.

Select Basic or Extended Scorecard, which displays the default measurements that come with the program. The strategies are ranked and the information is displayed. To change the rankings, for example, click on Net Profit and the strategies will line up from most profitable to least profitable. You can download additional strategies or modify the existing strategies with your own specifications.

Ranking strategies gives you some relative performance numbers, but by backtesting each individual strategy, you can gather even more data. You can easily tweak the value of the indicators and optimize the strategy for your own uses. If you have questions or comments about any of my books, please fill out this form. I always like to hear from you, and will respond to every email. Of course, while understanding what happened in the past can be educational, it does not guarantee future results.

The rocky road of the last few years provided lots of opportunities, and the volatility made winners of some trading strategies, but created challenges for others. These strategies are designed to recognize when a significant downtrend has occurred and attempt to profit as the stock moves back up.

All three of the top performing strategies in the 12 months through October 31 were countertrend strategies: Over a longer term, a number of other strategies did well, including several dip buying strategies—which attempt to get into a stock after a sharp decline and profit on the pullback.

The increased volatility has created whip-saws for Moving Average Crossover investors. But increased volatility could reduce that number of winning trades and reduce the size of the average profit. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. All results for illustrative purposes only. First, net profit is the total amount of money the strategy hypothetically made during the time period. Although the strategies were ranked by net profit, there are other factors to consider before choosing a trading strategy.

For example, many traders believe winning percentage is extremely important. Strategies with high winning percentages will draw down less of your capital, and are considered easier to follow, because there are fewer losses. Another important category is the total number of trades. No matter how high the net profit, if the number of trades is excessive, not only is it time consuming, but it can generate a lot of commissions. Another important category to consider is maximum drawdown, which is simply the point where you take your greatest loss.

If the drawdown is too high, I usually avoid that strategy. In the above table, the date of the maximum drawdown for the three- and five-year period was November 20, , when the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA closed at 7, One of the goals of this strategy is to take your profits early, before you get too anxious.

Normally, when RSI, using a day time period, reaches 70 overbought , you think about selling. When RSI reaches 30 oversold , you consider buying. This strategy was designed to take profits early, at the 55 level, just as it crosses the centerline, rather than at the 70 level.

This strategy customizes the RSI parameters. This strategy forces you to take profits early, and RSI Agita soundly beat buy-and-hold during the three- and five-year periods.

This is a technical trading strategy that attempts to buy stocks that have dipped. The system tries to enter at oversold levels and exit when the overreaction has subsided and the stock has leveled off. To calculate an oversold condition, the strategy sets an entry limit price by adding together the low and the close of the current bar, dividing it by 2, and then multiplying that by.

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