Forex hacked 2.3 téléchargement gratuit

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What a lame name for an EA. As if there was anything to hack about the forex market. No extra protection is employed, although the EA authors are supposedly valiantly hunting pirated copies all over the internet. This approach typically leads to accounts being lost at some point, normally sooner rather than later. The take profit targets are big enough to warrant backtesting on history center data instead of tick data. At the time of this writing, the account has a balance of over having started from but a floating negative of almost That account is probably going bye-bye soon if GBPUSD keeps going up, that is unless they stop it and remove it from their webpage and mt4stats before that.

Forex Hacked main test account equity as of I suspect the accounts are just demos set up by the authors at different points in time. The manual describes all the parameters in detail, but the only ones worth noting are the Lots, which default to 0. I used history center data since, as previously mentioned, the take profit setting is a high number of pips The Hacked EA has been one that has fascinated us for awhile.

There are many ways to trade this EA. All in all we've gone through 28 different tests. Add to My Portfolio Click to View.

Test retired due to loss of all accounts. At one point this EA showed some promise, unfortunately it didn't last long. Trading 5 pairs on version 2. Trading 5 pairs on Version 2. Take Profit 45, Booster 1. Too sick of this happening to continue this performance test. Forex Hacked Pro

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