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The interior is basic and funky in a good way. Great way to end our LA trip. The most amazing place I've stayed in my life. You're a bit closer to the highway than I was expecting, but that actually worked out perfectly--we were able to walk into JT each morning for coffee or smoothies.

Reviews from guests who stayed in United States

Airbnb uses drip pricing ; when customers search for lodging, Airbnb displays per-night prices that exclude its service fees and the total charges are not revealed until the customer selects an individual property. Airbnb features a review system in which guests and hosts can rate each other after a stay. Hosts and guests are unable to see reviews until both have submitted a review or until the window to review has closed, a system which aims to improve accuracy and objectivity by removing fears that users will receive a negative review in retaliation if they write one.

However, the truthfulness and impartiality of reviews may be adversely affected by concerns of future stays because prospective hosts may refuse to host a user who generally leaves negative reviews. In addition, the company's policy requires users to forego anonymity, which may also detract from users' willingness to leave negative reviews. These factors may damage the objectivity of the review system. Airbnb is on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions list of companies.

Airbnb is criticized for its impact on housing affordability, sparking protests, [] [] [] and for its related data management. Similar concerns have been raised in other parts of the world such as Scotland , where, in , an increase in Airbnb listings alarmed the local community. The company has been criticized for minimizing its tax liability by setting up a double Irish arrangement through subsidiaries in Ireland and Jersey.

In , Airbnb was accused by travel blogger Asher Fergusson of failing to close dangerous loopholes allowing for scams by hosts. In many countries including the United States, France, Canada and the United Kingdom, Airbnb doesn't require hosts to provide any form of identification.

A host who has been "permanently banned" can set up a new account under a different name and email address. Addresses are not verified so "bad" hosts can list lodging at any address, even if they don't control the property.

In August , Airbnb cancelled numerous bookings and closed accounts belonging to attendees of the white nationalist Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia , citing its community standards user agreement to "accept people regardless of their race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or age.

Many landlords have complained and resisted long-term tenants who sublet their rented space on Airbnb and profit from it without consent from the landlord. In many cases, landlords cannot instantly evict their tenants for subletting because of rental laws.

A similar law in Quebec that protects tenants also does not hold them legally eligible when subletting their rented spaces as landlords would in the case of long-term rental.

In January , a federal court ruled in favor of Airbnb in a lawsuit filed by Aimco involving its tenants illegally subletting their rented spaces on Airbnb. The court defended Airbnb under Section of the Communications Decency Act which does not hold Internet based services liable for the actions of their users.

Instead the tenants are believed to be held responsible for illegally subletting their spaces without attaining prior consent from their landlords. Many governments have passed regulations affecting short-term housing rental companies such as Airbnb.

In , to combat the local housing crisis, the government of Tasmania set up offers between 10, and 13, Australian dollars to landlords to rent out their spaces for longer terms on lower costs instead of listing them on Airbnb. European cites that have enacted strict regulations on Airbnb, and which have imposed heavy fines for violations of these laws, include Paris, Barcelona, and Berlin.

By contrast, Amsterdam and London have been more welcoming to the service. The European Union EU warned member states against banning sharing businesses like Airbnb and Uber , stating that outright bans should be used only as a last resort to attain public interest and that governments should instead implement more moderate regulations, which the sharing companies have had to navigate through. In February , Amsterdam implemented a cooperative effort with Airbnb that incorporated a tourist tax on rentals and Airbnb's agreement to ensure potential hosts are made aware of required rules and regulations.

London passed an amendment to its housing legislation in March allowing short-term rentals of up to three months a year. In May , Madrid announced proposals to reduce the number of Airbnb and homeshare listings available to help tackle "over-tourism" in the city. The plan aims to preserve residential home rentals in the central areas of the city, preventing them from becoming accommodations exclusively for tourists.

Numerous North American cities have imposed restrictions on short-term housing rentals. Arizona prevents municipalities from interfering in private property rights, so allows Airbnb hosting. Proposed legislation sought to ban municipalities from introducing zoning laws lacing restrictions on private property owners. New York City banned short-term rentals of 30 days or less. Portland, Oregon created a new zoning code in to regulate short-term rentals and it includes several limitations, such as capping the number of bedrooms in a single unit that may be listed.

In , San Francisco passed a law requiring Airbnb hosts to register with the city before they can rent units. Units cannot be rented for more than 90 days a year.

Santa Monica implemented regulations in that include prohibition of rent-controlled units from being listed as short-term rentals. In December , the City of Toronto under John Tory , adopted similar restrictions, banning homeowners from leasing their basements with separate entries and their other non-residential units for short term rentals, also arguing it was to protect the long term rental market.

Government issued licensing and fees would also be required to hosts to continue to short term renting. The move was also criticized by some hosts who rely on Airbnb as a source of income; with one of them arguing the government's control over their property was like living in Stalin's era of the Soviet Union. Many local residents depend on Airbnb for extra income and living expenses. The new economy evolved business and challenged the older business models and methods.

Toronto, according to them, would benefit its reputation by adopting these newer business styles and ideas. It encouraged the city to continue to allow hosts to rent out their owned spaces, whether rooms in their house or in external spaces. All of this, according to Airbnb, brought about two hundred and ninety two million dollars into the city's economy.

In November , the Government of Vancouver , Canada adopted regulations and restrictions against Airbnb hosting, claiming to protect the long term rental market which it stated was just above zero availability. The new regulations include allowing hosts to be allowed only to rent their principal residence. Hosts would also require a paid license with acquisition and maintenance fees, with a number to be displayed when listing any space for rent.

A voluntary transaction fee of three percent was also to be implemented per reservation, but Airbnb claimed it was unable to collect such fees, instead requesting an amendment for the hotel tax. The move was criticized by some rental hosts, stating it would deprive them of much needed income.

These implementations were also criticized by the opposing Non-Partisan Association. Councillor George Affleck argued it was creating more bureaucracy, taxation and sticks, which was not solving the problem.

He argued it made Vancouver a more difficult and costly place to live, also giving the opinion that more long term rental housing needs to be built. Airbnb's public policy manager for Canada welcomed the move of making short term rental legal, but criticized the ban on secondary suits from being rented.

The company was also considering challenging the move, arguing that many family home spaces are saved for friends and relatives and would not be available for the long term rental market regardless. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The examples and perspective in this section may not represent a worldwide view of the subject.

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September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Archived from the original on 8 January Retrieved 8 January The New York Times. The Wall Street Journal. Airbnb's Nathan Blecharczyk '05". What's Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption. Will it revolutionize the industry, again? More people see hearts than naughty parts".

Airbnb expands into stays for disabled travellers". Retrieved 3 June What is the company's financing history? All the special details are really appreciated and I hope to be able to visit again someday. We are locals and I have heard about this place for awhile from tourists and I decided to see what the fuss was about.

It is as special as the reviewers say. What a fantastic stay the Hobbit Hole provided us. I want to use the words magical and mystic, but it almost seems too obvious on how magical and mystic it truly is. The place was a dream, and some of the best sleep I've had in a long time. I would suggest looking up the sunrise time during your stay, because the views are breathtaking. This is one home I will find myself returning to again and again!

Thanks for the wonderful adventure! The most amazing place I've stayed in my life. The setting is phenomenal, you feel like you're sleeping outside with the expansive views from the bedroom. The fire orb was super clutch to generate warmth in the evening. Outside fireplace was a nice touch you don't necessarily pick up on from the listing.

Linda's instructions were very detailed and helpful in terms of gaining access to the property and information regarding how to make the sustainable solar energy source last throughout a cloudy evening. Top shelf, 10 star experience.

What a magical and breathtaking place! I feel privileged to have been able to stay in Linda's impeccably designed house. My stay was fantastic and I hope I can return again in the near future. It-house is just an amazing place in the middle of nowhere.. Our two children — 6 and 10 — really enjoyed the 3 nights of our stay there. I recommend it to everyone to spend two or three days there.. Linda's home is extraordinary and deserves all of the glowing reviews to date.

From the secluded location and gorgeous external landscape, to the impeccable, minimalist design aesthetic of the interior, I would highly recommend this amazing place for a desert getaway. Beyond enjoying the panoramic views and hiking in the immediate vicinity, you don't need much else in the way of entertainment, but the house also boasts a thoughtful, well-stocked kitchen, a great book collection particularly exciting selection if you too are a visual artist , board games, and two different fireplaces.

Linda is a gracious host, responding quickly and providing a nice welcome packet of info for the house and surrounding area. We were sad to leave, and hope to visit again. The landscape of the house is the most spectacular. Completely quiet and meditative. We loved every detail of the interior.

Furniture, lighting,, even a curtain. Linda was very kind, giving us all the information we needed. I want to stay longer next time. Despite some challenging and very cold weather we found the itHouse to be beautiful and wonderfully unique way to ring in a New Year.

Most beautiful house and location. Once in a lifetime experience!! Linda is very easy going and well organized. This place is amazing. Finding the house and getting access to it was super straight forward. Didn't have any issues with water or electricity, although we were pretty careful. Definitely plan on returning many times!

I felt very welcome in staying at this airbnb. Denise was very communicative beforehand, had a hot fire and wine ready for us when we got there, and showed us around the cottage. She had a list of things to do in the area and also mentioned some of this in email beforehand when I had asked. The area is beautiful and it was really lovely to come home in the evenings and sit in the main area with a nice roaring fire.

The Silo Studio is the most enchanting, cozy and relaxing gateway. Denise was a wonderful host who explained everything in detail, greeted us with a tasty bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, giving us a tour and history of the place. Plus she helped us finding some vegan options in the region. The area has beautiful hikes to explore, though we wouldn't mind if we stayed in Silo all 3 days.

We will definitely come back! Thank you Denise for making our anniversary so unique and memorable. And for the cute coffee cups: My boyfriend and I came down for Christmas to visit his family in the area.

We chose this cottage as a quite retreat after family activities. Denise was very welcoming and showed us around the cottage. It is very unique and I loved the character of the place. When we were checking out, she showed us around the property and the other buildings. We got to hear a bit of history and the way Denise and her husband have fixed up the estate since purchasing it in the 's.

Overall, a lovely stay. Gorgeous place and incredible host. We loved staying there. Wish to go there again with family. Thank you Denise for having us. Our hosts were so helpful and gracious. What can I say about this location that hasn't been said by hundreds of people? This place isn't a cute vacation spot, its an absolute magical experience that you need to see for yourself at least once. Even if I lived in the town, I would make sure I spent a night in the silo and took in its beauty and architecture that only exists there.

Denise, her husband and guard cat Petey pour every ounce of love they have into the premises and it shows. Do yourself a favor and walk around the grounds with her and hear the stories because you learn that every wooden beam and every nail has a little bit of them in it and it made the experience even more special.

The grounds are sprawling, beautiful landscaped and just down right enchanting. The silo it self is beyond words. You've never seen anything like it. I woke up in the middle of the night for a drink and could not go right back to sleep because of the beauty that is the massive windows, bustling yet relaxing forest and star-filled night. It was really one of those moments where I couldn't let myself close my eyes.

I could write you a book on all the little things they do to make it special but heck, confirm the booking and experience it yourself - the only regret you'll have is that you didn't do it sooner. Denise was amazing and her grounds were unreal. Our stay at the silo was nothing short of a fairytale and I cannot say enough about how amazing our experience was. Denise could not have been sweeter and I would recommend this little getaway to anybody.

Such a cute fun stay. Heavenly if I may add. Perfect for a weekend getaway. Denise was super helpful and gave us a lot of tips to explore the nearby towns. We cannot wait to go back. A very unique and amazing airbnb. Our time on the big island was high liter by our stay at the tree house. Kristie thought of everything when she built it- it is truly from a fairy tale. I have and will continue to recommend it to any of my friends traveling to the big island.

The only negative was having to leave! We had great communication prior to the stay and we were able to easily located the key.

We did not have any personal interaction with our host. The tree house was beautiful and clean. The shower was awesome to look at but hot water seemed to be intermittent. The brownies were amazing and the water she provided was so crucial. Location next to Volcanoes Nat'l Park was great. Do not buy groceries at or near the town of Volcano as you can buy amazing organic food further east in Pahoa for half the price. They were out of postcards for us which was a bummer because we really like that kind of stuff.

Took the GF for her bday. Was great getting away from big cities. The rain was nice, due to it being mostly dark grey sky's the solar power didn't last long but the flashlight helped out alot.

The rental car was upgraded to a jeep last minute and was a great thing since there was some water we had to drive through to get there, which honestly made it better. Felt like we were way out in the middle of the forrest. Was shocked on how hot the water got and was super happy there was a wine bottle opener.

Traveled over miles for it and don't regret it. This was a truly amazing experience. It was like my childhood dreams and games of pretend came to life.

The place is exactly like the pictures! It definitely lived up to the hype!! It is more like glamping then the pictures make it seem. You are definitely out there and at night it does get dark. The shower is lovely but it is not like a hotel shower it takes a few minutes to get warm and then it is almost piping hot after maybe five minutes the water becomes frigid.

We discovered a trick of saving time and water by showering together. We would shut the water off after we suds up and wait a few more minutes for the water to get warm again and turn it back on for hot water to rinse off with. The location is almost to be expected if you want to be off the grid and feel like you have a section of jungle all to yourself. However the things we wanted to do during our stay on the Big Island were usually pretty far away or it took us all day and we would get back at night.

So it felt like we spent most of our time in the car. My husband and I both agreed the feel of the house was different not being surrounded by electricity and people caused us to feel relaxed and well rested during our stay.

My only complaint is the lack of railing around the lanai. It caused me some stress as we would get in and out of the treehouse as well as trying to bring our bags up there.

The Lenai is pretty narrow to me one wrong step and you could fall off. In fact I tripped into the treehouse walking through the glass door. Which stirred up my fear of falling off. The commutation is great and there is a book of all the information you need during your stay! It's everything the description and pictures let on - a very magical place. It's off-the-grid, and won't be for all, but it's great fit those who want an experience.

This was, without a doubt, the most beautiful, tranquil, and unique place I have ever stayed! I highly recommend the Tropical Tree House for a getaway with your significant other - we were blown away. From the storybook of how Kristie built the treehouse to the delicious snacks best brownies I've ever had, hands down to the pulley system for bringing your bags up to the amazing shower, every detail of this place is perfect.

If you're looking for some delicious eats, the Thai place nearby is delicious! And you can pick up a bottle of wine at the general store next to the Thai place and enjoy it in the treehouse to the sounds of the frogs! My boyfriend and I both loved our stay at the tree house and wish we could have stayed longer we could only stay one night.

It is very close to Volcano National Park and the amenities couldn't be more rustic or more luxurious. I can't say enough. You will not regret your stay in this tree house. It's tucked away among the trees in Fern Forest far from everyone else. It's just you and the frogs! Beautifully decorated to create a dreamy and romantic experience. This isn't your average airbnb it's an experience.

Staying here was magical! We didn't do much exploring around the treehouse because we didn't want to leave! The pictures are very accurate to what the place is like. The wrap around porch was absolutely perfect for sipping wine at night and coffee in the morning.

The swing is a great place to read. Kristie was very helpful and quick to respond. We are so thankful to have stumbled upon this place. It was a night we will never forget! The website makes it look so idyllic and cool and it did not disappoint. We make a point to be out somewhere interesting at sunrise and sunset to enjoy the light at the special time of day.

It only took us a day to realize that the porch at the Homestead is the best place in the area for that experience. You can't recreate the color of the building exterior from a paint can, it only comes from 60 years of the desert environment. It is so photogenic, no wonder it's so popular with creative types.

The interior is basic and funky in a good way. Stephanie has done a great job with furniture and colors and simple decoration, as the view is out the windows. It was quite cold and windy for the first day or 2 we stayed 4 nights , but the cabin stayed very cozy. Jay was great about meeting us and showing us around and handling questions. They live nearby, but left us to our own time. And the comments on the stars are true, quite a big wide sky full of stars.

We found Steph and Jay's cabin via an internet search on one of our favorite vacation rental websites airnb and while the reunion was short, the cabin was perfect for our needs. Rustic and very thoughtful in terms of amenities, also a lot of sunlight in the morning which was heavenly to wake up to.

Wish we could have stayed longer, perhaps for our next visit out to the park. Definitely a fun place to stay if you want a bit of privacy and to get away from the busy hectic city life. The cabin is a great place for a desert experience. I find it very charming that the toilet and the warm shower is outside, apart from the cabin. Contact with Jay was very good. We just spent two lovely nights in Jay and Stephanie's private cabin away from it all.

Jay was quite friendly. It is in such a wonderful and remote area. The cabin was perfect for what we were looking for. Simple, clean and quiet. They even had wifi which was a bonus. The outhouse as others have mentioned was not a problem and very clean as well. Did not see the roadrunner that camps out there: Spotted a few roadrunners wandering around as well as a jackrabbit or two. Well worth the trek out of Joshua Tree! What a great property and experience!

The cabin was perfect, just what we had expected and wanted. We only stayed one night but wish we could have stayed longer. The area is absolutely gorgeous and we were able to be one with nature! There were nesting birds in the cabin overhang, the roadrunner made a visit, jackrabbits ran by and of course many lizards!

It was degrees that day but the AC worked great and we had an amazing nights sleep. The cabin had everything we needed and we made use of the binoculars! The area was so silent and only a few people drove by us the whole time we were there. We loved the pure sound of the desert wind! I absolutely loved watching the sunset with the desert landscape, gorgeous! The bathroom outside was great, weird but it felt good to know that they have a resource for everything and was just incredible!

A little rustic, and a lot of quiet. Just what I was looking for to get away. Did a lot of sitting on the porch, and some stargazing at night. Thank you, Stephanie and Jay!

We had a really nice couple of nights staying at the Joshua Tree Homesteader Cabin. Our only regret is that we didn't spend more time sitting in the hammock. Everything was clean, lovely and convenient. We look forward to staying again! Do yourself a favor and take a nap outdoors at night. The sweet, sweet breeze feels amazing and it's so calm and quiet.

We saw plenty of desert hares and a roadrunner slept in our bathroom calmly the entire night. The roadrunner seriously never flinched as we went in and out of the restroom. Jay was a great host. He was informative, kind, and very welcoming.

We had a fantastic stay at the Chalet. We were six friends staying for two winter nights, and we didn't feel crowded at all. The central heater works well for heating the house and drying wet socks, and additional space-heaters in the bedrooms kept us at perfect temperatures. The full kitchen allowed us to cook several meals together, and the location is great for long walks, snow-covered adventures, or driving to our Tahoe destinations.

It's a beautiful, bright home, with every detail of the decor thought through. We didn't want to leave! Ryan's and Darnie's place is beautiful, spacious and relaxing. It was equipped with everything we needed. Communication was easy and they were available to answer our questions even when we arrived really late. It's a quiet and lovely neighbourhood and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay here.

Can only recommend staying here! The Chalet is a beautiful home! The kitchen area is simply spectactular. We cooked breakfast twice before heading out to the lake. Ryan and Darnie were super responsive and made us feel at home before even getting there. I was astonished by how beautiful and clan the Lake Tahoe chalet was.

It was big, beautiful and very spacious. I loved staying here for a very short weekend but had an amazing time. What a great place to stay. They were super responsive the few times I reached out with questions.

The house is clearly set up in such a way that they want the people that stay there to have a wonderful time. Beautiful views just around the corner. The house is on a nice quiet road. Great little cabin in the woods! Hosts were extremely quick to respond. Great use of space in room with 2 bunk beds. My 3-year-old loved them! Strong water pressure with very warm water. Was super easy to get in.

Hosts were incredibly accommodating regarding our early check-in request. Not a lot of instructions for checking out, which made it quick, painless, and easy with two toddlers. We would stay there again! This place is a great place if you like ski and want to ski in heavenly or other resorts. The house is nice, clean and warm, and it's very close to heavenly.

Ryan and Darnie are very friendly and helpful, sent emails for instructions and asked if we need any help. Definitely recommend this place. This is an amazingly beautiful place to stay. The view from the house is breathtaking. Easy access to highways and located in a great neighbourhood, with vast options for shopping and restaurants.

This was a great place to stay during our trip to Los Angeles. DnA were great hosts who answered all of our questions before we even had to ask! Waking up at the house is the best start to the day. The views are inspiring and the overall house is so beautifully maintained.

The house has featured in magazines and you can see why. The hosts are brilliant and communicative. Absolutely stunning property and great hosts! We have been in LA several times and I can easily say that this is the best Airbnb we have stayed at so far. Lovely pool and the view is amazing. We would love to come back and would highly recommend this place.

The place was easy to find and really stunning. You have the possibility to cook yourself, grill and enjoy the privacy of a home. Both Dennis and Alex will respond to you almost instantly and the are very hospitable. It feels as is you are living in LA, not just staying there. No hotel in that price range can offer that experience.

The house was as beautiful as the pics and description. Alex and Dennis were great hosts. I would definitely stay here again.

The pool house is the perfect setting for a couple visiting LA. The pool house was perfect for us - wanting alone time in a peaceful setting. The space was very clean, tastefully decorated, and comfortable. The outdoor pool area was peaceful and quiet and had comfortable lounge chairs in shade or sun to read and relax in. The views were awesome.

We went across LA for a couple of events, but the neighborhood had plenty to offer the rest of the time. We ate at a couple of cute old neighborhood restaurants within a few minutes of the house. Also, the new Americana shopping area and Galleria in Glendale was less than 10 min away, which offered a lot of trendy restaurants and upscale shopping. No need to sit in traffic! Dennis and Alex greeted us at beginning and end of our stay, but completely gave us our privacy in the middle.

They messaged us to make sure we weren't in need of anything. They were the perfect hosts! We would definitely stay there again, and we are telling all our Texas friends about our wonderful experience! My first airbnb stay is great! I spend nice days at Brenda's house!! Thank you Brenda soooooo much: Brenda is a very welcoming host with a great place in a perfect part of the city for exploring San Francisco.

She's prepared all you need as far as maps and recommendations, and it was very easy to get around from her place in the Castro. I had a great time in San Francisco, and I couldn't have chosen a better place to stay.

This was my first experience with airbnb and it was totally awesome. The room was clean and comfortable. Brenda was exceptionally helpful with lots of great suggestions of places to eat and things to do. I'd stay here again! When it comes to perfect AirBnB hosts, Brenda is playing in the top league of the champions. Her beautiful, lovingly decorated home is the ideal trailhead for exploring some of the most gorgeous neighborhoods of San Francisco - be it on foot or using any of the amply available means of public transport.

I loved sleeping and working in the fiery red bedroom that always felt comfortable and cosy, but stimulating and inspiring at the same time. A home away from home - also because of her headstrong, yet very sweet cat and dog. Most of all I enjoyed meeting Brenda herself and spending time with her and her lovely housemate Gates - the perfect gentleman - discussing a range of topics as broad as the Amazonas river.

Both are among the kindest and most generous people I have met on my travels. If you are looking for the real AirBnB experience - not just finding affordable lodging, but meeting inspiring people as well - this is the place for you. Would like to stay again if she has room. The bed is tight but worked fine for me 6'1".

The bed was very comfortable, and I had everything that I needed and even a couple of additional nice touches, including a sound-muffling device, hooks on the back of the door, and extra blankets. Brenda was a lovely, lovely host. Really, there's nothing more that I could ask for. She was kind and super accommodating. She provided me with a list of recommended restaurants nearby, and was even thoughtful enough to leave a set of cards detailing the best walks in San Francisco in the bedroom.

She invited me to join the conversation when she had a couple of friends over. Most of all, I truly felt welcome at her apartment, and actually looked forward to returning to it at night. This was very important, especially since I was traveling alone in a new place. Thank you for such a wonderful experience, Brenda, and I'll definitely call when I'm next in town!

The room is very cosy and she has a very warm personality which makes you feel more of a friend than a guest. She even invited me to wait at her home before heading to the airport in the evening.

Neighbourhood is also great. I can highly recommend staying here. Not a single complaint. Gayle provides everything necessary for your stay, which made it very convenient. Charlie kept us great company!! The pondhouse was a wonderful and peaceful break from everything stressful in life. It was the easiest camping I've ever experienced and very relaxing and much more private and comfortable than a campsite. My husband and I loved every minute of it.

Gayle and Peter were lovely hosts and I would go back in a heartbeat. We had a great time at the Pondhouse, just what we were looking for in quiet weekend away The bed is very comfortable with plenty of blankets to snuggle and keep warm.

Lots of candles in the pondhouse to give a romantic touch. It was nice to have a truly unplugged weekend. Nice fire pit for sitting around or cooking. We opted for breakfast at Elmer's great eggs benedict and french toast. Gayle was an excellent host. I look forward to visting the Pondhouse again We had an incredible time during our stay at the pond house.

Gayle was an incredible host! The pond house was such a nice and relaxing break from city life. Our dog absolutely loved the property and had a fun time exploring every nook and cranny and playing with Charlie.

Gayle was even kind enough to offer some tick treatment for our dog to protect her while she was roaming through the woods and tall grass. It rained before we arrived, and Peter was kind enough to provide dry wood so we could build a bonfire and roast s'mores. Our stay was such a cool experience, one we won't soon forget! Beautiful setting and cabin. Amazing craftsmanship and very tranquil and comfortable. I honestly didn't think it could live up to all the stellar reviews, but it did.

Wonderful time at the Pond house. Went in April and dipped to the s overnight but the bedding provided is super warm. Our little dog Franklin became fast friends with Charlie who made him feel right at home! Gayle and her husband were so accommodating. Give excellent recommendations for places to eat. Definitely recommend checking out Elmers for their deliciously, amazing larger than life pancakes. Chapel Brook falls is close by as well and great for hiking, even with dogs.

Shelburn Falls coffee roasters was awesome as well. Great coffee with wifi for one of the rainier cold days. We were very pleased that the boat was exactly as described in the listing. No neighbors which suited us nicely. Quiet except for the occasional barge. Any question we had was immediately answered by Justin, the owner. We spent 2 night aboard the great houseboat and found it's location very private yet close to downtown Charleston with bikes made available which really made it so much fun.

Staying on the boat completed the Charleston experience! It was so beautiful, comfortable, and clean! I stayed during the boat race week, so I was able to watch that from the deck. The soft rocking of the boat put me to sleep so easily and I'm pretty sure it was the best sleep I have ever had!!! I will stay here again when I go to Charleston. Beautiful boat which made a lovely change from a hotel and it was so great watching the sun rise on the top deck. Peaceful area with a great view of the bridge.

Fab stay in Charleston: We wanted to find a unique and special place to stay on our visit to Charleston, and "A Pirate's Life For Me" really fit the bill! The houseboat itself was adorable, and the attention to detail was utterly charming.

It also happens to be in the very best location in the marina for convenience to everything and for dolphin watching. Yes, we saw dolphins! The views of the Ravenel Bridge, downtown Charleston, Ft. Sumter, and the ships leaving Charleston were absolutely incredible!

Nothing beats waking up to a gorgeous sunrise over the Cooper River! That, in and of itself, made our stay! Most of all, I have to say how pleased we were with the responsiveness and flexibility of Shauna and Justin. They were very accommodating when we had to delay our trip, and they went above and beyond to make sure that everything was perfect. Thank you, Justin and Shauna! We hope to return when it is warmer out so that we can enjoy the beautiful deck next time!

Just as described and pictured. The location is perfect and not a far distance from all the sights. It's a great escape from a typical cookie cutter hotel suite. If you love boats and being on the water you'll love this! Bed comfortable, shower pressure good, 2 flat screens.

Great location if you want to be near downtown and also have a quiet place to sleep. We saw dolphins from the bedroom window in the morning. Justin was around during the day when we checked in and was very helpful!

John, Bib's son, was very welcoming and gave us a great recommendation on where to have dinner and which beaches to go to. Bruce and Bibi are wonderful, interesting and gracious hosts and their yurt is a fantastic place to stay. There's tons of space, a beautiful sun spot for your tea or coffee in the morning, and if you ask nicely! Bibi will cook a delicious meal for you in the evening - the cobbler was sublime!

We loved their friendly dogs and the local hiking trails, not to mention the beautiful eggs for breakfast laid by the neighbouring chickens. Bibi was great, the directions and recommendations spot-on. Felt welcome and overall enjoyed the stay. I'm a light sleeper and even with ear plugs had trouble sleeping. Several dogs barked through the night and the "highway" is only a hundred or so yards from the yurt. Not good or bad -- just know what you're getting into.

My wife and I had a wonderfully relaxing stay at the Yurt retreat. The Yurt was charming, comfortable, and just a short drive from PCH and some great beaches. I would also recommend eating at the farm at least once -- the food is delicious and you get some amazing views from the sun deck.

We had a unique experience staying at the Yurt. I really liked the white interior and the way it was decorated. We heard many animal sounds at night, like the wild west, and heard the Santa Ana winds in the Am. While staying in LA, I hear traffic all day and only hearing the wind and feeling the breeze was something I really appreciated. I would recommend staying at the yurt and hope to come by that way again. I absolutely love staying with Bibi. I have stayed in the lovely Zen Retreat room by myself, which is so inviting and warm, and recently stayed in the Yurt with my family.

The Zen room is colorful yet relaxing and has the benefit of a little deck and table so you can soak in the mountains, sea, and birds. The Yurt was so fun! We could hide away in our private spot, with a nice little kitchen for cooking, then head right down to the beach and the Malibu offerings, after enjoying the descent down the gorgeous Decker Canyon Road.

Bibi is easy-going, and warm, and really wants to make sure you enjoy your stay with her and in Malibu. Five stars to Bibi and her homes and to her willingness to share them with us for a night or two!

Great location, comfortable beds, and good value. We would stay here again if we were in the area. Living in the Bibi and Bruce's yurt was a unique experience.

The nicely decorated accommodation was a lot of fun and even the sofa bed provided an excellent nights sleep. The relaxing and quiet organic garden is not far from the pacific and the metropolis that is LA. Bib and Bruce are excellent hosts, great conversationalists and Bibi's organic cooking is fantastic. We would go back in a heartbeat. This is a beautiful place, with lots of space and amenities. A short walk to the beach, where kayaks can be rented--and dolphins can be spotted from the kayaks.

Snorkeling equipment is available--we could have left ours at home. As suggested by Karen, we bought groceries before heading to the place and were happy with the cooking facilities We spent one fun morning at the Historical Kona Coffee farm, suggested by Ron.

Lots of things to do in the area in addition to water activities. Spent a couple hours there to chill before catching a late flight. Staying at the cottage was Magical!! One of the best places to stay in Hawaii. As city folks we like having things within walking distance. The fact that you could wake up and walk ft to a park with great snorkeling was absolutely amazing. We don't always cook on trips, but this kitchen was well-equipped so we did. In fact, the property had almost all everything I could want while there Lastly, the property had so much character and is the complete opposite of a soulless condo.

But as a warning, you are basically in an open-air environment, which means small critters and bugs. I'm a complete bug-phobe so I was a slightly discomfited. Not a deal breaker but a warning for expectations. My boyfriend didn't bat so much as an eyelash so it really depends on you. This air bnb was totally unique and completely magic, like a jungle hideaway.

Loved the outside kitchen and shower. Great snorkeling just outside the house. Look forward to coming back. The Bali cottage is a very unique and cozy place. We loved staying here and Karen and Ron were very helpful and made sure we had a great stay! Beach is one minute walking from the cottage with amazing snorkeling. Staying at their Bali Cottage was like being part of the neighborhood. Parking was particularly convenient and we were greeted with a welcome sign, Hawaiian music and warm hosts.

If we were in need of anything, they were both very quick to respond and often, provided things before we even knew we needed them. The location was spectacular! Nothing like rolling out of bed to walk to the bay for a quick swim with dolphins or view gorgeous fish while snorkeling. Enjoying a slow morning cup of coffee on the lanai in this hidden garden was so peaceful and beautiful. Karen and Ron are very kind and sweet. Our stay was shortened when we had monsoonal rain and the cottage had leaks - Karen was very helpful and understanding of our reservation change.

The cottage is quirky yet charming but be ready for the mosquito, centipede, cockroach, spider and lizard guests that also share this home. Couldn't be a more peaceful and accommodating spot in the area. Karen and Ron were terrific resources as well! They have snorkel and kayaking eqipment to use and were most accommodating in every way. The indoor-outdoor living situation was perfect for Hawaiis ideal climate and fresh air!

Very sweet and private location. Great for those interested in a private stay in Maui. If you want to cook at home, note that kitchenette is quite small and the counter-top hot plate is less to optimal. We found the bed to be too soft, but if that is what you like, then you are in luck. The entire place was very clean, and it was nice to sit outside on the back patio eating breakfast in the morning sun or enjoying a glass of wine in the evening although the mosquitoes make the late afternoon and evening less than optimal.

Over-all good to very-good, and potentially better depending on your preferences and requirements. My wife and I spent the last week at the gingerbread house and had, by far, the best vacation of our lives. When we arrived, we were promptly greeted by Eve and one of the members of her cleaning staff.

The property was ready right when we arrived. We talked with Eve and she showed us around the property. We quickly learned that what we read in the great reviews would be confirmed. She walked us around and showed us the fruit trees and said we were welcome to help ourselves to all of the fruit growing nearby. The tangerines were perfect and the lemons were HUGE great for morning lemon water. The property includes a large house, the gingerbread house, Eve and Steve's house, and the Sacred Garden of Maliko hope I'm spelling that correctly.

Though there were other people renting the larger house next door and Eve and her husband were close by, we definitely felt that there was plenty of privacy. Eve was very clear that if we needed anything, we could contact her right away and she would respond, but that she wanted to give us our privacy otherwise.

We did contact her a few times during our stay and she responded instantly. The gingerbread house is absolutely perfect for couples. It is very spacious on the inside and quite stylishly designed. The bed and sheets are totally comfortable and the bathroom has much more space than it appears from the online images.

It is great that you can rent this property for less than a standard hotel room in Lahaina considering it is so much larger and more convenient.

One item from the previous reviews that concerned us a little before we arrived was that the wifi did not work very well on the property. I will say that the first few days we were here, we could not get any wifi or data connection in the gingerbread house.

I was able to walk a few steps to a small gazebo area, though, where the wifi was strong enough to send some emails. To ease future travelers' worries, I am pleased to report that in the middle of our stay, we received a message from Eve that the wifi in the gingerbread house had been fixed. When we returned, we found that the connection was lightning fast. We were able to easily use it for browsing and email and we even found that we could connect to netflix without any problems at all.

The best part of staying on this property was the location. You can't possibly find a place to rent on Maui that is more central than this. It is definitely a bit further from Lahaina if you are more interested in hanging out at the beach every day though Kihei is only about minutes compared to Lahaina, which is more like , but everything else you would want to do on Maui is much closer to Makawao.

Getting to the road This is really a great place, hidden in the jungle. Description is very accurate, everything you can dream of is there in the house for you to use even beach towels and boogieboards!! Eve and Steve are so great people! Unfortunately, we did not see them much because of a busy schedule on our side. Some things to note: Also note it's civilized jungle, so you might see some critters! We saw a huge frog in front of the patio door, a large centipede inside the house at the door, we brought it back out where it belongs , some Mongoose jump around the cottage and surf on the roof in the night.

Great smell of cedar wood in the house, by the way! We really liked all this, but some city-zens might not be ready for it. We enjoyed our stay in the ginger bread house very much.

All was clean and well equipped. As we travelled with our two sons it was a bit too small. But the place is recommended for two so that was our own "risk". The garden is gorgeous and very peaceful. We didn't have the chance to talk to Eve that much but she was very nice and communication via airbnb was fine. We had a very warm welcome by Eve's assistant Tanda who showed us the Gingerbread house and the surroundings.

The house is located on a very large porperty with a variety of green plants around far away from any bedroom hotel - just nature around! This leads also to a pleasant climate no AC necessary: The north shore of Maui is very close if you want to go surfing Paia is only 10 minutes away and Kahului with the airport is only 20 minutes away. A special thanks goes to Eve and Tanda for fulfilling an individual request in advance: We had a great time and would definitely come back: Eve greeted us upon arrival and was so wonderful!

She showed us around the cottage and property and made us feel completely at home. The property was isolated and quiet, but was not far away from the beach or towns like Paia. It was exactly as described--with one exception of there being no wi-fi or 4g access in the cottage. We enjoyed our time here a lot and look forward to coming back! Eve greeted us at the driveway and gave us a tour of the Gingerbread House.

It is the perfect space and offers an amazing getaway. The property is awesome. We were able to sit out back and enjoy the scenery and running stream as well as roam around and explore. The Gingerbread House had everything we needed: There were even a library of books and DVDs and a deck of cards.

Be sure to check all the drawers and cabinets because we kept finding more and more goodies all over. The one thing worth mentioning is the hot water.

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