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Many new stock pickers are naturally attracted to penny stocks. The logic is that they can easily buy hundreds (or thousands) of shares of a .

Investopedia's broker reviews are a good starting point. They buy unregistered and cheap company shares from an offshore location and sell the stock to investors in America at an inflated price. You should devise a realistic risk-reward assessment for the stock, even if you're only investing a few hundred dollars in it. Scammers use short-sell to make a profit. Shorting works when the investor borrows shares and immediately sells them in the open market at a high price, hoping the company stock falls so he can later scoop up sold shares at a lower price.

Narrowing Down Trading Candidates

For many beginner investors, the first logical stop is penny global-inform.tk the name suggests, penny stocks are those companies that trade with .

Offering a wide selection of cannabis products, including dried cannabis and cannabis oil, Emerald Health Therapeutics joined with Village Farms and through the joint venture, profitability will likely continue to increase.

These are two words that come to mind when you combine these three words: Recently, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a buzzkill for the marijuana industry in the United States, issued extermination of the enforcement of the laws in states where marijuana has been legalized.

Marijuana companies took a hit, and understandably, marijuana stocks therefore encountered a massive shareholder dump. Ultimately, a guarantee of proven track records amongst these marijuana companies can be a gamble. Do your research prior to launching your marijuana penny stock investments.

Check out another quick Benzinga primer: How to trade penny stocks. The Marijuana Index can be the launch pad for your entry into this very special market, as it showcases index trends and index news. Essentially, the Marijuana Index is a series of equally-weighted stock indices that track the leading cannabis stocks in the U. For more information about about penny stocks and penny stock trading, visit the U. Securities and Exchange Commission at www.

Plus, special pricing for those that qualify for our Select Program. Benzinga is a fast-growing, dynamic and innovative financial media outlet that empowers investors with high-quality, unique content. Login Email Password Forgot your password? Gold, diamonds, and oil have always been alluring. One of the most famous mining scams was Bre-X, in the mids, when founder David Walsh falsely claimed his company found a massive gold mine in Burma.

When the company collapsed, most investors lost everything. Guru adds are commonplace, and sadly people fall for them easily. If someone dubs himself a guru or promises to make you rich, trash that email or envelope. In a similar way, avoid those schemes that promise you unlimited success from a once-in-a-lifetime product or invention that claims to be the next Thomas Edison invention. This is when scammers sell shares of a company, stipulating that investors cannot sell the shares for a certain amount of time.

The investors buy because they are fooled into thinking there is huge and continuing demand for this stock. By the time the U. Securities and Exchange Commission says that companies who operate outside the United States do not need to register their shares when they are selling to offshore investors. Penny stock scammers love this. They buy unregistered and cheap company shares from an offshore location and sell the stock to investors in America at an inflated price.

Thieves make huge money, while U. That said, how can you avoid being scammed by dishonest penny stock promoters who are out to make a fast buck? Here are some suggestions:. Once you've learned to dodge scammers, here are five steps to follow when purchasing a penny stock. It's important to e valuate whether the stock has upside potential: You're investing because you'd like to get a return, right?

So you need to ask yourself whether the penny stock you're considering truly has upside potential, or if it seems more to be a flavor-of-the-day kind of stock, such as a company's that's trying to ride the coattails of the latest investment fad. You should devise a realistic risk-reward assessment for the stock, even if you're only investing a few hundred dollars in it.

Penny stocks are a huge gamble—you could have better odds of seeing a profit by visiting a casino than you would by dabbling in penny stocks. Despite the short-term potential for gains, stick to a sustainably profitable approach by buying shares in proven companies with strong track records. For related reading, see: The Lowdown on Penny Stocks Penny stocks can be defined in many different ways. Pump-and-Dump Schemes This fraud happens all the time. Short-and-Distort This is the opposite of the pump-and-dump.

Reverse Merger Sometimes a private company merges itself with a public company, so it can become publicly traded without the hassle and expense of going through more traditional methods. Mining Scams Gold, diamonds, and oil have always been alluring. The Guru Scam Guru adds are commonplace, and sadly people fall for them easily. Offshore Scams The U. Here are some suggestions: Know the difference between promotion and research. The penny stock investor has to learn to distinguish between stock promotion and legitimate equity research.

One way is to read the "disclosures" section at the end of the report, and see whether the writer is being directly compensated often in a combination of cash and stock for the report by the company they're recommending. If that's indeed the case, this is essentially an advertisement, not an actual research report. How credible is the company's management? A company's success depends on the quality of its management, and penny stock companies are no different.

How do the financials look? Although penny stocks generally don't furnish in-depth financial information, it won't hurt to check the financial statements the company does release. Scrutinize the balance sheet to learn if the company has any substantial debt or liabilities outstanding, as well as its amount of net cash on hand.

If the income statement shows huge growth in revenues of late, that's one promising sign What's the quality of disclosure? The more disclosure the company provides, the better, as that indicates a greater level of corporate transparency.

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